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Here are some links that will help you find out more about EVs, It contains links to sites that are useful to the EV enthusiast so check back as the site grows


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EV Charging Stations


The latest Info on charger status can be found at the EV Charger News site.


Blink Network has a map to their charging stations complete with info on the status of the charger

ChargePoint Network enables subscribers to locate Coulomb Technologies charging stations

Electrify America has a nationwide network of DC Fast Chargers

EVGo has a network of both L2 and L3 chargers

DOE Alternate fuel Data Center has listings for all types of alt. fuels including route planning

EVCarolina lists charging location in South Carolina

EVHype allows searches to locate EV Charging Stations

Opconnect is building a network of public charging stations

PlugShare shows locations of people who are willing to let others plug-in

PlugSurfing shows the location of public charging in the UK

Puget Sound EV charging directory presented by the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association

Public Charging in Florida presented by the Florida EAA

Tesla Superchargers shows the location of Tesla Supercharger sites

Recargo allows searching for EV charging stations.  They also have an iPhone app

Smarttanken lists EV charging locations for Germany

Energy Trust Alternative Fuel site allows you to search for EV charging by City in the UK

EV Network aims at maintaining a comprehensive list of charging locations for the UK contains list charger throughout Norway, Sweden and Denmark

EV Rental locations


Arcimoto - Rents their Arcimoto FUV in various locations

Conch Electric Cars rents NEVs in Key West, FL

Electric Cars of Daufuskie rents NEVs on Daufuskie Island, SC

Go Go Electric Cars rents electric cars in London

Go Green rents NEVs in Telluride, CO

O-Cartz provides a shuttle service around downtown Orlando, FL using NEVs

Volt-Age rents electric vehicles throughout the UK


Check out Electifying Times and my Adventures renting a Kool Kar in Las Vegas.

EV Advocacy


Fuel2Electric is dedicated to making it easier to do your EV Conversion is an organization to promote EV use

Adopt a Charger aims to accellerate EV adoption by providing Fee Free EV Public Charging

Beginners Guide to Driving Electric Cars is a good introduction for those considering EVs

Electric and Hybrid Cars in the 20th Century is an excellent reference on EV ownership

Electric Car Database contains lots of info on electric car models

Electric Care Site Co is a site dedicated to easing the transition to electric cars in the UK

Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa seeks to promote electric vehicles in Canada

eMO Berlin seeks to expand electric vehicle use in Berlin, Germany

EVMain - seeks to promote Electric Vehicles in the State of Main provides lots of info about what to expect when you buy an EV

Local Use Vehicles - Seeks to promote the more widespread use of short range EVs

Plug-in-America - Seeks to get more EVs available in the USA

Plug-in Carolina - South Carolina based organization education people on plug-in vehicles

Plug'n Drive - Promotes the use of electric cars in Canada

Plug-in_Britain - Seeks to promote the development of EVs and Plug-in Hybrids in the UK

Plug-in SaarLorLux - Seeks to promote EVs in the Border area around Switzerland and Luxemborg

Plugincentives - provides the latest information of EV incentives in the USA

Tesla Shooters - Has lots of information to help Tesla owners

Electric Vehicle Urban Infrastructure Study - Seeks to expand the availability of curbside charging infrastructure

EV Magazines shows the latest news articles on Electric and plug-in hybrid cars

40 Top Blogs for learning about DIY Electric cars contains a list of EV related blogs - one families search for an electric vehicle

Autobio is a French language magazine that covers alt fuel vehicles including electric

AutobolgGreen Has good coverage of alternative fuel vehicles including EVs

Automotive Touch Up has a nice article about differnt choices in Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Auto Week has a section with coverage of alternative fuel cars has a comparison of hybrid cars with a separate tab for BEVs

DriveEV gives electric car news, reviews, tips and advice

Electric Scooter Magazine has reviews of electric motor bikes and scooter

Electric Scooter World gives reviews of all classes of electric scooter

Electrifying Times is a magazine dedicated the EV.  Also check out their ETList on Yahoo Groups

Electrifying Times India is the place to find out what is happening with EVs in India

Electric Vehicle Research covers all types of electric vehicles is a Magazine that has lots of info about electric vehicles

EVCast is a podcast site dedicated to Electric Vehicles

EV News Network for the latest news about electric vehicles

EVTopia is a site dedicated to informing about electric vehicles

EV Info is a web site with lots of information about Electric Vehicle available in the UK

EV-Motoring is an EV oriented site from The Auto Channel

EV Tuners Magazine is an EV magazine aimed at electric vehicle perfornance

EV Wiki is a Wiki site dedicated to electric vehicles

EV World is the on-line magazine for EVs and Fuel Cell Vehicles

EVUK is the on-line magazines for EVs in Britain

Go Electric is an EU based site about electric cars

Green Car Journal has lots of info on all types of Alternative Fuel Vehicles including EVs

Green Car Reports has lots of info on EVs including test drives of the latest models

Megawatt Motorworks has lots of articles on electric vehicles

Plugs and Cars - Marc Geller's excellent Blog page has a good blog covering the pros and cons of alternative fuel vehicles is an magazine on environmental issues that also has good EV coverage

V is for VoltageForum Forum for electric motor bikes and scooters

Plug-in HYbrids - other


Amberjack Projects provides conversion kits for the Prius

CALCARS Is working to get major manufacturers to make Plug-in Hybrids

EDrive offers plug in conversions for the Toyota Prius

Go 100mpg is a Los Angeles based company converting Toyota Prius to Plug-in Hybrids

Going Green is now offering a Plug in Conversion of a Prius

Green Gears Does conversions to Plug-in using Hymotion's system

Hybrids Plus in Boulder, CO offers a Plug-in conversion for the Toyota Prius 

Hymotion offers plug conversions for the Toyota Prius and Ford Escape in Canada

Nilco2 offers conversion of the Prius to plug-in hybrid at several locations in Australia

Pat's Garage works with Green Gears to do plug-in hybrid conversions

Plug-in Conversions Corp offers plug-in Prius using NiMH batteries is a site promoting Plug-in Hybrids run by the EAA

Set America Free is an advocacy group for Plug-in Hybrids

Solar Electric Vehicles add solar panels to charge the Prius Hybrid battery

Electric Boats


Aequus Boats manufactures the aequus 7.0 solar electric day boat

Budsin Woodcraft North Carolina based electric boats builder

Duffy Electric Boats is a California based builder of electric boats

ElectraCraft Electric Boats is a Califronia based manufacturer of electric boats

Infinyte Marine builds boats designed from the keel up to be electric

Lear Electric Boats is a California based builder of electric boats

Nauticraft builds electric boats

Ruckmarine sells a variety of electric boats and Torqeedo electric outboard motors

Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company is a Canadian based company that sells electric boats

Water Roo makes electric boats in the UK

EV links - other


Altabicycles has links to electric bike sites

Batricar in the UK makes electric mobility vehicles for the disabled

Bad Boy Buggies sells off road electric vehicles targeted at hunters

BestCarFinder searches for electric vehicles near your ZIP code has an good site that explains the differnent alt fuel vehicles

Car and Motor Vehicle Emissions Information and Statistics Presents info on vehicle emissions

Cartelec has lots of information on electric go-carts

Do it yourself EV forum is a place do discus EV conversion issues contains links to many green products including EVs - currently covers the San Diego, CA area 

East Coast Electric Drag Raging Association organizes EV drag racing events

e-cycle discussion list is a discussion group for those interested in building or buying freeway capable motorcycles

Eco Trans Alliance is a consultant firm specializing in renewable energy transport solutions

Electric Bike World Wide Reports for 2007 with 2008 updates. contains information on Light electric vehicles has a bunch of interesting info on EVs available in the UK

Electricab Taxi Company has an electric taxi in Sacramento, CA

Earth Shuttle Pedalcabs is based in Orlando, FL and provides pedal powered taxi service.

Electric Cars are for Girls presents a girls view on electric vehicles

ElectricForum is a forum for discussing electric cars

Electrifying Rides with info about Bill Moore's (EV World) book on electric vehicles

EVTransPortal has lots of links to other EV sites

Go-Parts has an article on Electric and hybrid vehicles

Golf Cart Garage sells a variety of parts and accessories for golf cars

Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation is a Museum dedicated to the preservation of electric vehicles

Low Rolling Resistance Tire Report - a good report on low rolling resistance tires

McLellan's Automobile History sells original Sales literature for electric vehicles

Nedra - The National Electric Drag Racing web site

PlugInSure provides Insurance services for Electric Vehicles

rjfgroup Specializes in Insurance for NEV owners in Texas via Farmers Insurance - Contact Brian Pool (832) 623-7823

SolarCharged Driving is a web site dedicated to driving EVs charged with PV

Solartaxi is attempting to drive around the world powered by solar energy

Speak EV is an EV forum for those in the UK interested in EVs

Switch EV is a project based in the North East of the UK to allow people to trial EVs

Ten Best Electric Cars for 2020 is an interesting article from Carmax

US Car Museums Map shows all car museums in the US, many have EVs on display

If you have questions about EVs and you can't find the answer at EV Finder or in the above links then email evfinder and I will do my best to answer your questions.