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US Classifieds

Manzanita PFC-30M Charger

The PFC-30M is designed to charge any battery pack from 12 volts to 360 volts nominal (14.4 to 450 peak.) It is power factor corrected and designed for 30 amps in, 40 amps out.

One of the key features of this charger is it's ability to operate on any voltage from 60 to 240 volts AC at either 40 to 80 Hz. It also has a real time current adjustment knob which alllows you to squeeze the maximum amount of current from a variety of different circuits. To operate at full capacity, this charger needs a 30 Amp circuit.

Input Current Range: 0.2 to 30A AC
Output Current Range: 0 to 40A DC
Height: 5.5 inches
Width: 9.0 inches
Length: 13.0 inches
Weight: 17.2 lbs
Mounting: 4 holes, 5/16" each
Charge Algorithm: Constant Current/Constant Voltage
Output Voltage Range: 12-360 volts
Input Voltage Range: 60-240 volts, 40-80 Hz
Efficiency: 88% to 96% percent (varies by voltage)
Power Factor: .92 to .9997
Connection In: #10-3 Cable w/Plug
Connection Out: #8-3 Cable w/Plug
Input Protection: 30A 240V Breaker
Output Protection: 50A 450V Fuse
Isolated: No, negative input and output are connected
Display: Red LCD 3 digit, Amps drawn
Preset Cutoff Voltage: Yes
Adjustable Cutoff Voltage: Yes, via trim pot (20v/turn)
Adjustable Cutoff Time: Yes, adjustable 0-150 mins
Adjustable Current: Yes, via panel mount rotary knob
Thermal Cutoff Point: 170º F
Thermal Cooling: Thermostat controlled, variable speed fan
Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes


Contact Norm


1998 Ford Ranger EV




1998 Ford Ranger EV electric vehicle BEST OFFER - $1800 (Forest Park)


The Tesla is coming Tuesday and the Ranger needs to go! The thought of it going to scrap metal makes me sad!


More details, photos, and contract information can be found here


2007 Miles ZX40S



FOR SALE - 2007 Miles ZX40S Neighborhood Electric Vehicle - $3500.00


2007 Neighborhood Electric Vehicle white in color that has had batteries replaced with Lifepo4 Lithium Prismatic Batteries 72 volts. Range is around 40 miles. EV has 5,000 miles and looks good. Top speed is 35-40 mph and better than a golf cart. Equipped with A/C and rear defrost. Vinyl decals can be removed and 120 VAC plug in charger included. Located in Ovilla, Texas and clean Texas title in hand.

Please contact Joshua 214-763-0156


1986 Ford Range Conversion




1986 Ford Range Electric Truck - $5000 or best offer (Mcminnville) Oregon

Real nice electric truck.
Lithium batteries for range in excess of 80 miles
45 200 ampere hour HiPowers
Hydraulic scissors lift for battery access
Has original 4 speed and clutch
Advanced DC 8" motor and Curtiss 1221 controller and Albright contactor
2kw Elcon lithium battery charger and full set of BMS boards that just need conected

With SAE style plug to recharge at any standard EV charge station
Batteries have only about 8 full cycles so lots of life left in them and it drives perfect and ready to go

Also have an Advanced DC 9" motor almost brand new with an almost brand new EVnetics Junior water cooled controller as well as another Advanced DC 8" motor with Syncromotive controller and two DC to DC converters as well as an entire 2011 Nissan Leaf drive train including all chargers etc

Also a 6kw Arduino controlled CC/CV charger for lithium batteries programable from 12v to 320 volts

Also a 25kw Arduino based charger CC/CV for lithiums or lead acid depending on settings 0v to 330 volts 0 amps to 60 amps

Also a brand new set of Thunderskys @48 vdc with full BMS prewired and packaged and perfect for ATV or similar EV size

Best offer takes them
I need them gone as I need the room
No reasonable offer refused


Contact Larry


1997 Chevrolet S-10 Electric




FOR SALE - 1997 Chevrolet S-10 Electric

Built by Chevy "I think!!" one of the original electric trucks remain on the road. Most were crushed.

I just acquired it. I don't know much about it. It been setting in a garage for long time so the body in excellent condition. Missing the controller.

Additional accessories included: charger, 2 X 30A extension cords, adaptor.

Asking $5,000.00, or make an offer.

As-Is with no warranty

The Truck in Tucson AZ

Contact Abe 520 481 7680


BMW 318ti Conversion




Electric car project $1,000
Donor car: BMW 318ti Silver 1996 hatchback with bad head gasket and auto transmission.
Decent interior, besides headliner. Windshield cracked.
Parts for conversion:
Advanced DC FB1-4001A Series Wound DC Motor
with mounting bracket for the BMW engine bay
and motor adapter plate to the BMW 6-speed transmission.
6 speed manual transmission
Curtis 1231C 500 ampere controller
Miscellaneous spares: solenoids, power steering pump, A/C bracket, BMW relay fuse block
A few of the other things you will need: charger, DC/DC converter, 12 and 144 Volt batteries
Near San Francisco, CA
Peter 510-406-6374


Coda Lithium-Ion Battery Pack




31Kw lithium ion battery for sale. 333v nominal, 93ah from 2012 Coda EV 45k miles. I bought a second car for body parts, I have no need for two packs and can't store this much longer. 104s6P pack configuration. 18 modules, 14 with 6p6s, 4 with 6p5s. Lipo4. 3.3v per cell nominal. Air cooled.

3,000 obo.

Call Luke (734) 748 7378

I'm located in Michigan, the car came from New York.


1999 Ford Ranger EV


FOR SALE - 1999 Ford Ranger Electric

Built by Ford in Edison, N.J., it is one of the original electric cars. Fewer than 200 of these trucks remain on the road. Most were crushed in 2004, sparking protests and the "don't crush" campaign, which became Plug-in-America. This bit of history has appeared in many Plug-in America events, Drive Electric Week parades, local environment and energy events and participated as a workhorse in the growth of our current EV generation.

My truck has clear California title and current registration. Odometer reads 31,395 miles. The truck is all original with NiMH battery pack (depleted), A/C, heating, power windows, power brakes, power steering, carpeted floor mats, AM/FM radio with rear speakers, almost new tires on original aluminum sport wheels, original tonneau snap cover. The condition is quite good, with some minor wear and tear since it was also a gently used working vehicle and a daily commuter.

Additional accessories included: Avcon to J-1772 charger adaptor, white California HOV stickers, hard shell bed cover with solar module and charge controller, (2) original EVI ICS-200 Avcon chargers with NEMA 1450 plug, Ford NGS diagnostic computer with Ranger EV card, Ranger EV battery breakout box. LED center brake light installed, original unit is saved.

Truck was running nicely until 2017. The original NiMH battery is depleted and ready for a Lithium conversion. I have neither the tools nor the time. This is by far my favorite vehicle but I must sell. I am looking for a buyer to carry on the remarkable story of this truck.

Asking $10,500.00, or make an offer.

As-Is with no warranty

Pick up in downtown Los Angeles

Contact Steve 323-553-1879


2010 Tesla Roadster



Quite possibly the coolest Tesla Roadster in existence. This 2010 Roadster sport has less than 14,000 miles on it (only 1,700 miles per year) and is in excellent condition having led a pampered life. A one of a kind high-quality auto wrap covers the entire car and makes it an attention magnet. Underneath the easily removed wrap is pristine Thunder Gray paint. The following options were included in the original $140,345 sticker price:

Premium paint and paint armor, solar guard windshield, infotainment group – the larger audio head unit with a 7" touchscreen, GPS navigation, backup camera, HD radio, SIRIUS satellite radio, 7-speaker sound system with subwoofer and HomeLink door opener.

Includes 240V and 110V charging cables


Clean CarFax Report available upon request

Relocating out of the country is forcing the sale of this pampered treasure.

The first car in space is fast becoming a collector's item and this piece of automotive history can be yours for $71,000 or best offer. Please email Me or text 619 808 2009


2016 Chevy Spark EV




2016 Chevy Spark LT2 EV with DC Quick Charge option

I am looking for someone to either take over the lease or buyout the lease on my 2016 Chevy Spark EV. The last time I got a payoff amount, it was about $13500. It is a very fun little car with loads of instant torque. I call it my street legal electric go kart! If I don't get any takers by the end of 2018, I will probably just keep it till the lease ends in October 2019. It only has about 13500 miles on it, as I only use it to commute 1 day a week.

Not really looking for trades, but if David changes his mind about the 1999 Ford Ranger I would consider that. It would be quite useful to have a pickup on hand.


Contact Jeff


1993 Honda Del Sol Conversion




1993 Honda Del Sol Professional Conversion—Priced to Sell this fall at $4900 — Need to sell as I no longer have access to a heated garage.

1993 Honda Del Sol Electric Vehicle in great condition. Only 22,300+ miles on the car. This is a 100% electric vehicle.

It has 24 Optima Yellow-top batteries that power a 9" Motor. The Del Sol was converted professionally. It looks just like it came off the assembly floor of a new car manufacturer. It is an excellent example of a lead-acid/series DC Electric Vehicle.

This Del Sol can go 70 miles an hour. Batteries were last replaced in July, 2014. Current range is about 25 to 30 miles.

The car charges overnight using a standard 110V plug. It costs pennies to charge.

Here is a list of features the car has:
AC Power Steering
OEM FM Radio and Antenna
OEM Removable hard top which stores in trunk
New rear tires and and great front tires and brakes

Here are the electrical vehicle components:
Advanced DC 9" Motor Auburn Scientific Kodiak C600 Controller
DC to DC Converter: Power Source 40amp
Zivan Model 12-K2 110 Charger
Albright Main Contactor
Gould 500Amp Fuse (Front and Rear)
Original manual transmission with custom adapter using flywheel and clutch
Vacumn pump
Ceramic heater using OEM Box
500 Amp Gauge in Cluster
E-Meter in dash
Regulators - 12 battpro with LED's
24 Optima Yellow Top Batteries in four sub-packs: 6 in front; 8 in mid-ship behind seats; 4 in lower trunk; 6 in upper trunk.
Original Car Fax Report Available.

It is located in Leavenworth, Washington (2 hours east of Seattle) I have additional pictures available upon request.

Priced to Sell at $4,900 OBO

Please give me (Dan) a call if you have any questions and if you want to schedule a time to see the car. (Serious buyers only.) Give me a call at 509-433-103 three.


Revised 9/8/2018

1989 Volkswagen Jetta Conversion




For Sale: 1989 Volkswagen Jetta (converted to electric in 2008)

This nice little electric car is for sale in Tucson, Arizona. Works great, but I need to sell it before the boss (wife) allows me to upgrade to my next project (Nissan Leaf rebuild). So here’s what’s included in this sale with the car:

• Batteries were installed fresh in March of 2018.
• Battery type is AGM – not flooded, no water to add.
• Car has custom voltage display which monitors the voltage of each battery set.
• Power source: 144V, 500 amp controller.
• Max speed 80+ MPH, Max distance per charge 40 miles @ 35 MPH, level ground. Real world range about 30 miles per charge.
• Car has built in charger, Zivan NG3.
• Battery set is three 12 volt batteries in parallel for a total rating of 120 Ah at the 10 hour rate. Twelve battery sets in series.
• Comes with a home charging station which charges and balances the battery string.
• Drive motor is an FB1-4000A.
• Comes with extra drive motor brush set and other spare parts.
• Comes with extra EPC 1000 amp controller.
• Vehicle suspension has been rebuilt to handle battery weight.
• No A/C in vehicle. Heater works great.
• Buyer pays shipping if necessary. Will deliver locally.

Asking $4000 O.B.O.. Any questions or offers feel free to email me. Thank You!

Contact Vince

 Revised 9/3/2018

2010 Wheego Whip




2010 Wheego Whip for Sale: This car is in excellent condition inside and out, however, range is very low due to original batteries. Fully equipped with A/C, PS, Bluetooth Stereo, full sized spare, two keys/remotes, less than 2,800 original miles. Location is Ulysses, KS 67880.


Asking $2,000

For further information email Galen


2002 Dodge Dakota SLT Conversion




2002 Dodge Dakota SLT, with 144v 160ah Thundersky battery bank and TS90 battery balancing system. Zilla 1k controller and 10" Warp DC motor. Manzanita Micro charger and Polar Power 22kw DC rectified generator for charging on the move.

Over 35k invested, make an offer

Located in Mendocino, CA


Contact William


Electric Vehicle Parts


I have (4) 3 phase German motors formerly used in manufacturing of electric motorcycles. Great shape.
I also have a bunch of other stuff that goes with them. Sevcon motor controller units, DC to DC converters, charge controllers, relays, key unit, throttle, dashboards etc.


If anyone is interested in electric vehicle parts, contact Andropov, prices are negotiable.


1976 BMW 2002 Conversion.




Up for sale is my beautiful 1976 BMW 2002. I just don't drive it any more. The car is in Seattle and I'm asking $3,999. Could use some cosmetic touch-ups and a back seat (the box in the back used to house more batteries, but I upgraded and now a seat will fit back there), but is otherwise in really great shape! Below are the specs for the vehicle and some pictures. Please email me with any questions. Thanks! Jesse


It just stopped working, but I'm sure its a very minor electrical issue. If you know anything about electric cars (I don't), you can probably fix it easily.

Classic 1976 BMW Model 2002 converted to all electric

120 volt system
Nearly brand new flooded lead acid batteries
Zivan 240v charger and a Curtis controller
Warp 9 dc motor
Range of ~30 miles
4-Speed Manual Transmission
Will go freeway speeds up to 70 mph
Includes standard charging outlet and dryer cord adaptor, 240 volt
Includes extra controller

The car has a relatively new motor.

The body and interior are in good condition.

Car seats 2 people only (backseat converted to space for batteries - those batteries were replaced but seat was not)
Some batteries in the trunk, but additional room for cargo.
Tires are in great condition, 2 years old
Sun roof
Comes with Thule bike rack

Purchased the car from a guy in CA who converted the vehicle to electric.


Contact Jesse

Revised 8/13/2018

Electric Trike Prototype




All electric prototype trike, highway capable. Seats two side by side.
Curb weight:1400 pounds
Motor: 8 inch Advanced D.C. 203-06-4001A
40 Lithium cells in a 132V traction pack.
Controller: Zilla 2K
On board Elco charger, charges pack at 11A plugged into 120VAC
Instruments: Tachometer, Ammeter, Pack voltage, house battery voltage and GPS
Excellent hole shot with 70 mph top speed.
45 mile range @ 45 mph in good conditions, but 35 miles where I live with lots of hills.
Needs new batteries.

Located in Camden Maine

Asking $2500

Email: Walter

Revised 5/7/2018

2017 Energica Ego





I have for sale 2017 energica ego, This is the Energica Ego, with the optional carbon fiber bodywork, the OZ Aluminum Forged wheels, the Ohlins front fork, Ohlins rear shock, the tech seat, the Ergal bar ends and bolt kit, the fast charger option and a120V/240V charger that you can plug in at home.

The range is about 100 miles, but depending on your settings for regenerative braking can be longer or shorter. Charge time is dependent on power source and whether you are charging with AC or DC. Using a standard household 120V outlet it takes about 7 hours. Use a 240V dryer outlet and it drops to 3 and a half hours.

There is also a Bluetooth app for your phone that connects to the bike, You can use the menu buttons on the bike to change over to a map showing all the closes chargers, and which ones are available.
Asking $12500


Email Louis


Mazda Miata Conversion




This Miata has over $16,000 worth of parts for the conversion. I believe the Miata is running the Warp 11 motor in a(?) customized solid-mount torque-leveling motor cradle, management systems, built-in stand-alone charging station, rectifiers, vacuum pumps to retain power brakes, electronics (understatement of the year), new seats (not a single rip or tear), new carpet, original OEM Mazda floor mats, new soft-top (not a single rip or tear), potentiometers, relays, heavy-gauge wiring, more rectifiers, lithium-ion batteries, upgraded speakers and head unit, front and rear disc brakes, clean brake fluid, suspension modifications (new springs and struts). The car has already been driven 10,000 miles since the conversion.

No Rust. Clean fluids. Good tires. The car has the original 5-speed manual gearbox with direct non-clutch selection.

The car's already been registered in CA as an EV so you'll never have to deal with biannual smog coercion fees. I have the clean title on hand. The original key. The original owner's manual. The car was put on non-Op so there are zero back fees or title nightmares. I'll include a custom-fitted UV-resistant car cover, original spare tire, and bill of sale. Half the LiIon batteries have aged out and I was holding out to find a deal on the Tesla battery pack but a local full-time shop consistently buys them out from under me and I've become frustrated with this local shortfall.

Looking to salvage a portion of my investment. $6000 OBO

contact Jake 714-794-9252


1987 Pontiac Fiero Conversion



1987 Fiero project

$5000 obo

I threw away all the internal combustion engine related parts that were not required for the electric conversion

includes interior panels, external panels.
Also includes a tail fin from a Fiero GT
No op fees will need to be paid. (6 years)

Electric items:

Netgain Warp 9 DC motor
IGBT 400A 600V custom controller based on Paul & Sabrina's Controller
New brakes
12v battery
Vacuum pump for brakes
custom electric motor to clutch adaptor
custom Warp 9 to fiero transmission adaptor

Missing items to complete the project

BMS system to monitor batteries
trip to the DMV to get it exempt of smog and registered as an EV

located in Grass Valley, CA.

contact chris at glass-planets dot com 530-277-2277


1998 Ford Ranger EV




FOR SALE - 1998 Ford Ranger EV

Factory built as Electric Vehicle, not a conversion. For sale in the Sacramento, CA area (95624).
Purchased in 2005. Battery pack was rebuilt that summer by local company and stayed lead-acid. Car was running when it was parked in the garage in 2007. 20,427 miles. 220v DS-50 Power Control Station (PCS) included. Clean and clear California title. White HOV stickers

Approximately 1500 of these were produced from 1998 to 2001. Unfortunately most of these trucks were crushed after their leases expired. It is now estimated that fewer than 200 Ranger EVs remain. These trucks are highly sought after and very rare, so don't wait long - Or you will miss the chance to own this amazing vehicle and piece of history.

Consider the cost of the individual parts... the motor, controller, changer, PCS, etc.

Asking $9,500.00 OBO

As-Is with no warranty

Contact John 916-585-4234


1922 Douglas Pidcock Electric Motorcycle




Up for sale Douglas Pidcock 1922 Electric Motorcycle 18v


Up for sale Douglas Pidcock 1922 Electric Motorcycle 18vThe first British Electric Motorcycle (possibly), Originally built from a Douglas 2 3/4 frame then modified with Mr Pidcocks own frame. Speed is selected by a lever 3 positions 6v, 12v and 18v and the clutch lever operating a Lucas solenoid switch to bring in the motor. The motor is a Morris lorry starter motor. I've had a new industrial charger made and the bike is fitted with 3 x 6v heavy duty rubber batteries.Batteries are currently showing 8-9v.Getting from A to B on this machine is fun if a little slow, max. of 18mph approx. In the few miles I have done the range is about 5 miles or so.

I'm Asking $7900

Contact Berge: classicdream008 at gmail dot com


1992 VW Cabriolet Conversion




1992 VW Cabriolet.
Florida car – no rust, no corrosion. New paint job.
9 Trojan T-1275 batteries/108 volts
Die Hard auxiliary battery (1 yr old)
Curtis PMC controller
Power Brake booster
10 amp Quick Charge on-board charger (regular plug-in)
New stereo
5 speed manual transmission (no clutch)

This car is enjoyed in Appleton, Wisconsin from May 1 to October 31.

$7500 OBO


Email Dave

Revised 6/30/2018

 2009 Ural Conversion




2009 Electric Ural Gear-Up 2-Wheel Drive Sidecar Motorcycle
AC-9 1238-6501 Motor/Controller Combo Coupled to 4 speed Transmission w/Reverse
~25 Hp ~ 65 ft/lbs Torque @ 63volts @ 5000 Rpm
15kWh 18650 Modules built by Tesla
Top Speed 80 Kph : Range 80 Km

Shown in Action Here;


Asking $12,500 O.B.O.

Contact John at 619.2468.092


EV Conversion Parts




I have batteries 16 Trojan T-125 245ah and a controller with all the extras and a motor 20.9 go 90v dc 4707rpm GE motor WG-9-410-WG I don't know much about the items that's why they are for sale


Contact Kyle 623-256-0875


1991 Toyota Celica Conversion



Project Completed 2015
Licenced, Plated and Insured, has been my spring/summer/fall driver since that time
driven approximately 3500 km on electric
had the EV Conversion Declaration Forms registered in Ontario with the MTO

Car has been stored indoors in heated garage since the conversion

Range 80-100 km

WarP 9 - Double ended shaft - advanced timing .875" CE Shaft 1.125" DE Shaft
12 KW EMW onboard programmable charger 120/240V
Soliton 1 -300kW 400HP controller HIGH PERFORMANCE 9-340VDC deliver 1000A
Custom made adapter plate for 1991 Toyota Celica
59 CALB 100Ah LiFePo Cells (18.8 KWh) Bottom Balanced and Checked regularly
DC-DC converter
12V vacuum assist for power brakes
Transmission: Stock FWD

No power steering or heating system due to space constraints but vehicle could be re-configured to add these components
More photos available for serious inquiries

EV West Adapter Plate for A/C and power steering available
J1772- home charging plug available

$15000 CAN
Located in Dorchester, Ontario

Contact info:
Dan/Angela 519-670-6612


2000 Mazda Protege Conversion




2000 Mazda Protege

Conversion was completed in July 2009.
Never winter driven since 2008 (some rust in different areas).
Color: Silver

Motor: Netgain Warp9 (DC series wound) with approx. 70,000KM
Transmission: Stock 5-speed manual
Steering: Stock
Controller: Curtis 1231C-8601 with Curtis PB-6 potbox
Battery Pack: 42 3.2V ThunderSky LFP-160 Batteries (LiFePO4, 144V)
Charger: Elcon PFC3000W Charger (120/240 VAC, Can Bus)
BMS: EMUS by Elektromotus (Can Bus)
BMS Display: HP iPaq 5700 PDA (EVGUI)
DC-DC Converter: IOTA DLS-45
Brakes: Gast 12V Vacuum Pump
Heating: Dual heaters for cabin (1500 watt ceramic core heaters), cable heating for battery box.
Rear Coil Springs: Elbach Ground Control #63315A (500lb total spring rate added)
GVWR: Gross Vehicle Weight Ratio respected.

For additional details and the full story about the conversion, visit and

Other information: 36 battery cells out of 42 coming close to end of life. Front disc and rear drum brakes redone in October 2017.

Accessories and extras included: Used PakTrakr, New Front Elbach ground control springs (63315A)

Open to selling individual parts but prefer to sell complete car.

Car is located in Canada (Montreal area).

Price: $5000 or best offer


Contact Jim


2001 Mini Cooper Conversion




2001 Mini Cooper Electric Conversion,
Initially converted in 2007 with upgraded LI packs 2015. Have driven 15,000 miles.

Running. Up to 100miles of range. 150W solar panel on roof to charge 12V systems

Ford Ranger electric motor bought from Ballard new- Induction motor with single speed gear
D.C. to D.C converter
Brusa 3K on board charger
400VDC Pack fully charged
8cells/12 containers = 96 cells
(Kokam Lithium-ion 100Ah cells)

Plug into 110VAC or 220VAC
AC and electric heater

Tires new

No rust

Need four seat vehicle. It is fun to drive.

Asking Price : $12,000.00 or best offer
Located in Charlotte, NC


Email Martin


1972 VW Beetle conversion



1972 VW Beetle converted into an eTrug Electric Truck Bug. Restoration work was completed in 2017. It is Mazda Passion Red

This is a one of a kind custom built Show car. Considered a 35 mph in town advertisement show car. This car draws attention where ever it goes. Put your business sign on it and drive around town. You will get calls.

This car will be at the 12th annual Berean Car Show Saturday May 12th 10:30 till 3 pm. Lincoln Berean Church 6400 S. 70th. Come to the show see all the cars and mine.

New interior, New Batteries, Tires, new spare, 4 wheel disk Brakes.

96 Volts dc 165 amp 80 hp motor

16 kilowatt Battery pack, 12/8 volt 165 amp batteries, charges in 8 hours over night

On board charger 110 volts AC

Range 25 - 35 miles, top speed 60 mph

Radio, CD player

Bed slides back to show batteries.

Solar cells to charge the 12v dc Batteries for the car electronics lights etc.


Contact Carol 


1976 Porsche 914 Conversion




1976 Porsche 914 Conversion
I converted my 914 in 2009 . Have driven several K , miles.
It has :
Warp 9 D.C. motor mounted on the original transaxle
Kelly programmable controller ( 800 amp)
D.C. to D.C converter
Elton 3K on board charger
144VDC Pack
48 - Lithium Cells = 160 actual voltage
(Mixture of Sinoply & Calb 100 amp cells )

I have had the car painted and minor dents repaired
No rust!
After market seats
New carpet
New radio and sound system
Tires New
Suspension rebuilt
New shocks
Brakes completely rebuilt (new rotors & pads)

I am selling my baby for personal reasons. It is fun to drive in the Summer with the targa top off! Winter is a challenge. It does have a small electric heater. Come have a look and take a spin!

Asking Price : $15,000.00 or best offer
Located in Murray, UT

Email Charles
Cell: 385-242-9455


2016 Tesla Model S 75




2016 Tesla S 75 for sale. 13,598 miles.

$62,500. White. Opening sunroof, 235 mile range, cruise control, auto pilot, passive entry. Standard suspension. 2-wheel drive. Gen 3 charger. Rear wheel single motor. Free supercharging.

Located in Santa Cruz county

Call (831) 216-6072


1999 Chevy S10 Conversion


I have a 1999 Chevy S10 pickup. Warp motor and transmission installed. Truck is in great condition stored in garage. Just needs controller and batteries. Has third door and seat. Dark green bronze metallic. Original paint.

Asking $3,000


Contact Mike


2015 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive




Like NEW 2015 Smart Fortwo 100% EV plug in w/level 1 chargers. I have 18 to choose from with under 20 miles odometer reading.

Why so little miles?

They were owned and maintained by Mercedes-Benz's ride sharing company called Car2go, which were never put into service. The Car2go's fleet of overstocked EVs where warehoused and the batteries have been maintained in accordance to the 8 year battery warranty. The original Mercedes-Benz Warranty has 22 months or 50,000 miles remaining. These EV are not eligible for the Fed and State tax incentives because they have been previously registered. The original MSRP was $25,000. Take advantage of an excellent buying opportunity to help put more EVs on the street.

The discounted fleet price is $7,288.00

Will arrange worldwide shipping.

Contact Paul

Mullen Auto Sales
(714) 798-9302 Office
(949) 572-3492 Cell (Call or Text)


2013 Wheego Life




2013 Wheego electric life
For sale reg is expired 2015
Clean title does not run needs new battery.
The body is in great condition ill sell it whole or parts.
This car is in oahu, hawaii
If you have any questions contact eric @ 8082538576


New Electric Scooters




Brand new electric scooter - starting at only $990. Located in Southern California, and Phoenix AZ area.


Top speed: 20 MPH
Range: Max 20 miles (depending on conditions)

Front/Rear hydraulic disc brakes
60V 12 Ah Li-ion battery
1000W brushless hub motor
Charger included


Additional options:
Front shock abosrbers - +$100
Rear seat - +$50
Alarm/Remote control start - +$45


Contact Jae


1985 VW Cabriolet Rabbit Conversion




1985 VW Cabriolet Rabbit 108v EV

5 speed. Curtis Controller, Zivan 110-120 VAC charger
16 NEW Crown cr-205

Car has been repainted years ago. Interior is good condition a for its age. Has electric heater/AC unit.

Call or text Kyle



2013 Ford Focus Electric



Beautiful Metallic Black, 2013 Ford Focus Electric, 4 Door Hatchback, AT, AC, Tilt, Cruise, Traction Control, Stability Control, Dove Grey Leather Seats, Heated Front Seats, 33,000 Original Miles, 73 Miles Range, Amazing Sound System with Hands Free Phone, USB Ports, Back-Up Camera, Rear Window Wiper & Defroster, Front Airbags, Steering Wheel Controls for Stereo & Cruise.


Just $9,995 U.S.

Will consider part-trade for snowplow for my tow truck.


Teal Trike Is of My Prototype Klean Air Trike, a freeway capable, 2 Seater, All Electric 3 Wheel Car with T-Tops.
I seek investor(s) with $50,000 to invest to make this KAT a production model with 150 mile range and carbon fiber body.


Call me at 360.383.7065



1994 Solectria Force



FOR SALE 1994 Solectria Force project.

144v Brusa Controller
ACGTX20 Motor

Maroon color

It would need the following:

Battery pack and charger.
DC-DC converter.
New locks or get them re-keyed.
The driver's door has been installed.
Driver door trim reassembly.
The ignition key is there and has a key. It needs to be put back on the steering column.
This model had the large battery box in the back with no back seat. I will include a smaller battery box and rear seat as well.

It has a good motor and controller and belt.
The interconnect box is there.
The ah meter /shunt box/ wiring are all intact.
I will include 4 restored silver hub caps as well.


Clean title in my name.

Email Me any time


2015 Nissan Leaf S



Like new 2015 Nissan Leaf S with Quick charge. Low mileage car only 23500 miles.

Car is still under bumper to bumper warranty until 2018. Car is clean and never been in an accident. Battery still under warranty as well. Nothing to worry about.

Clean Title, asking for $8900


Contact Mike


VW Beetle Conversion


I am gauging interest in my beetle. I purchased it converted. It would come with a complete interior restoration kit. Brown carpeting with tan seats. I have installed the two front seat covers and it looks great. The rest of the restoration still needs to be done. I also have a new floor panel for the right side of the car. They are bolt in. The cars batteries are on their way out but may have some life left. I would say they need to be replaced however.

I have put together a few parts for adding a generator to the system to allow for longer range. I have the engine, an alternator which should give out the proper voltage and amps(80-90v at 100-200amps).  I also have a hitch mounted basket which was going to hold the genset. I have the flywheel at the proper size for the engine.

What would be needed to assemble the generator would be a couple parts for the engine (Spark plug, fuel system, maybe a couple other things). I was going to connect the power from the generator directly to the batteries along with some reverse flow protections and a regulator to keep the power flow wavelengths at the correct levels. The latter I haven't developed yet.

The vehicle itself needs a new fender on the drivers rear side. The car is currently covered in snow but I can provide more pics if someone is seriously interested. It does need a paint job soon. I'd also recommend sealer on the right side floor panel. Since the left has the replacement.

I've gotten it up to 49mph according to GPS. I'd assume with 12v batteries instead of 8V, it'd get up to 55 or more. Adding lithium would be optimal for reduced weight. The cars range was around 12-15 miles. I am assuming it's because the batteries were tad weak when I got them. It's manual with no clutch. Shifts find, but sometimes hard to find first.

More detailed description:
D&D Motors ES-15 A Series Motor 40HP peak, 12 HP cont.
Kelly Controller - KDH07600A, 27-72V, 600A series/pm
Kelly Contactor - Main contactor Compatible SW200 12VDC Coils 400 Amps
Kelly DC/DC Converter HWZ Series DC/DC Converter 72V to 12V 300W
Kelly accelerator Pedal
Ford Inertia Swith
Charging disconnect relay
Kelly State of Charge Meter
9-8volt golf cart batteries - 3 in front -5 behind back seat - 1 under
back seat ( "on there way out" or close to death)
Tire bough new in 07 with lots of tread
New seals on all fixed windows. ( New front windshield provided with
rubber seal, the window has a small chip so I opted to replace it)
New outer tie rods
Disc brake conversion front
Brakes still like new
New wheel bearings
Custom electric heater built into duct for defrosting windshield
cup holder and aftermarket center console with 2 cup holders on floor
LED light bulbs in place of traditional where possible.
New seat covers on front seats with memory foam padding (Very comfy) -
one seat may need the seat cover adjusted a bit.
Battery Charger is DeltaQ 1000w rated for 72 volts. It is programmable
so it can be used with other batteries such as lithium.

PARTS - (most likely incomplete since I lost track of everything)
Carpet kit
backseat cover (front on already)
New visors
new side panels
some odds and ends
14.5 HP vertical Tecumseh engine
Pancake high voltage high amp alternator ( will find specs soon)
Flywheel for engine
hitch basket intended for generator

Asking for $4800


Contact Richard


26kw Lithium-ion Battery System



Massive 26kw of lithium ion battery power. This system consists of (4) 12 volt 560 amp lithium batteries. Batteries were used for a display for a 3 day show and have been maintained on a trickle/float charge since. Batteries were wired for 48 volt 560 amp but can be wired individually to provide 12 volt 560 amp with inverter. Batteries have a cycle life of 3,000 cycles and have been cycled 10 or less times. Have always been maintained at 13.5-14.4. Paid $29,000 for the setup. Includes Warp 9 motor, two chargers, 48 volt and 12 volt, Idec PLC and Hubble power connectors new in box. Current prices have the batteries at $7,999 each. $14,000 for everything listed.


Contact Brian



Siemens 1PV5138-4WS24-ZW12 Hybrid Electric Drive Motor




I'm selling Siemens 1PV5138-4WS24-ZW12 Hybrid Electric Drive Motor. All new in crate and never used.

Located In CT.  Asking $5,200


Contact Ronskan

Motor Description

Type = AC Induction Motor

Rated Voltage DC = 650 V

Cooling Media = Water-Glycol

Rated Power = 85 KW

Rated Torque = 220 Nm

Rated Current= 142 A

Max. Speed = 10,000 rpm

Max. Torque = 530 Nm @ 300A

Weight = 120 kg

Dim. (LxWxH)= 510 x 245 x 245 mm

Degree of Protection =IP 65 / 9k

Ambient Temperature = - 30 ° C to 70 ° C


2009 Miles ZX40ST




2009 Miles ZX40ST Electric Truck Project. Missing front bumper and grillwork, but otherwise complete. Battery status unknown, as are the actual miles. Titled and formerly registered in WA as a low-speed vehicle, limited to roads with 35mph posted limit, and apparently electronically-governed to 25mph top speed.


$2500 as-is


Located in Snohomish, WA.


Phone inquiries to (425) 788-0208 or email to iraATmecoDOTorg.

Revised 10/2/2017

2007 Vectrix VX1




I have for sale 2007 Vectrix VX1. Red. Original NiMH Battery. Only 1,000 miles.1 owner. Top speed of 62 MPH. Range depends on the speed driven. 1 regenerative braking.  Brembo brakes, Owners manual, The bike is well maintained by me and in perfect condition.

I'm asking $3500 for the bike

Contact Rex: rexvkb @ gmail dot com

Located in wyoming



1981 Jett Industries E10




1981 Jett Industries Electric Truck

Never has had a gas or diesel engine. This is an original not a conversion. Truly a collector's ev. 120 volt DC with an on board 120 volt AC charger. 4 speed manual transmission. Needs to have the included Curtis controller installed. Controller has only been used for one month on another ev. The battery pack, 20 x 6 volt deep cycle batteries, is 10 years old and will probably need to be replaced. Tow bar is included. $9500. You pickup in Sequim, WA.

Contact Sid - cell 360-808-7300


1997 Solectria Force




FOR SALE: 1997 (sold new in 1999) Solectria Force. 55 new CALB 100 AH LiFePO4 cells installed on 11/18/2013 at 42K miles. Vehicle is currently at 55K miles, so I've put about 13K miles on the batteries. I've driven as much as 80-miles round trip, but prefer to keep it around a 60-mile range so I don't push the cells too hard. "Sparky" has been super reliable and fun to drive, but poor health forces me to sell most of my belongings. The great thing is that Solectrias are factory built cars, not conversions, so all components are matched. She's in good condition and no rust as it was bought in CA. and I live in AZ. It has some scrapes and dings, but not bad. It's a regular commuter, not a show car that sits in a garage all the time. The only things wrong on the interior are the dash is badly faded from the harsh AZ. Sun and the headliner was falling down, so I removed it altogether. It's just the plain, painted metal ceiling now. Carpeting, seats, etc. are like new.The tires are about a year old with very low mileage. The batteries alone cost me $7,000 and the car was $5,000, so I have over $12,000 invested (not counting the new charger). I live in Golden Valley, AZ. And you'd have to arrange a test drive, inspection and picking it up here. I'm asking $5,000 or best reasonable offer, so it's a REAL bargain at FAR less than what the batteries alone cost.


Please contact Me with any questions.

Revised 7/13/2017

2002 Ford Focus Conversion




Electric Car Conversion
Warrensburg Missouri

This is an electric car conversion using a 2002 Ford focus. The car has a new 132 volt AGM battery pack installed and a 20 HP DC electric fork lift motor with a Cougar 500 Amp 144 volt controller. The charging system was designed to be used with any 110 volt outlet with 15 amps of capacity. From a full discharge, it takes approximately 8 hours to charge and costs about 50 cents in electricity. The car has a maximum range of 25 miles and a top speed of 70 mph. By calculating the current cost of gas at $2.00, the car will get equivalent to 100 mpg. As gas prices continue to rise (to $4.00) the equivalent miles per gallon will reach 200 mpg. If you live in town this is a perfect car. I can go to work, pick up kids, run some errands, and come back home all for less than 50 cents. I would love to keep the car but I have a new 9 month old baby and I need some cash for bills but I might consider a trade for something of equivalent value such as an atv, motorcycle, jet ski, camper trailer, etc.

$4,000 OBO

Please call or text 660 441 three one nine one.







For sale one of the first zap cars especially painted for the auto show in San Francisco by Zap . their custom paint job shows their dream of the future with electric cars, very historical vehicle ,runs good may need some new batteries , $1000.


Call 707-228-7779


*NEW* Lithium-ion Batteries for sale

Currently available Volt LG Chemical 48vdc 50ah $580.00
For Ford Focus LG Chemical 48vdc 75ah $825.00
For BMW Bosch Samsung 20vdc 68ah

Pictures and other voltages available by emailing Me
Or calling me at 925.292.8565
Livermore, CA. 94550





It's pretty fast - 48mph top speed
- you can drive up to 60 miles on a single charge
- costs pennies to charge compared to buying gas
- can carry 2 people no problem (400lb weight capacity)
- has storage under the seat
- perfect for around town and commute to work

This is NOT A TOY SCOOTER - its a DOT certified motor vehicle. It's got hydraulic brakes, and all the lights. Clean Title.

In Excellent Condition with only 350 original miles
Has BRAND NEW BATTERIES just installed and a NEW charger!

Would consider a trade (or partial trade) for a late model electric golf cart, club car, in nice condition, custom, lifted, with rims.
$2500 CASH
Make me an offer!


Located in Port Orange, FL

Contact Max

Modified 5/17/2017


1997 Chevy Cavalier Conversion




1997 Chevrolet Cavalier 2dr Conversion - conversion completed in 2008 - Warp 9 motor with adaptors to fit Cavalier motor mounts with manual 5 speed transmission & Zilla 1K controller. Set up for 144VDC using 12 Deka group 31 sealed lead acid gel batteries. Two 72 volt Delta Q-dci chargers with integral DC-DC converters which allows charging on 220 or 20A 120 outlet. Has electric interior heater & electric heated seats. Installed 2008 Chevy Cavalier electric power steering with adaptor to fully function. 4 brand new low rolling resistance Bridgestone tires. Brand new rear shocks and heavy duty springs. Car is within rated GVW with 4 passengers. Less than 50 hours on everything. Runs but needs new batteries and some clean up.Professionally done to OEM safety standards by engineers with over 40 years of automotive experience including conversions. Read the whole story at:

Over $10,000 invested & 500 hours. Will sell for $3,500 and will deliver within reasonable distance of Detroit, MI.

Call (313) 717-4321 or Email Me


2008 Zenn




I am selling my 2008 Zenn Electric Car MC-2. It seats two and has a range of 30 miles on a charge. It is charged by plugging into a standard wall outlet. The first owner drove it to the mailbox and back and I have rarely driven it at all. The batteries were replaced in 2013. The car is spacious and in great shape. Perfect for a small car to get groceries, go to work or head out for a night. The Zenn is in great shape and drives really well. It can accelerate up to 30 miles per hour and I am told up to 37 without the regulator.


Call me at (505) 270-7775 or email Me


1972 VW Bus Conversion




This is a 72 VW Bus project I converted about 8 years ago. It is a 144 v lead acid 6v each system. It can travel at 40 mph, I have driven it over 20 miles per charge. The batteries lasted about 6 years and now need to be replaced and I am looking to do a different project instead. Batteries are inside bus sliding door, and still room for a back seat. The bus has minimal rust, new front seats, less than 2000 miles on motor, needs new set of batteries. A great get going quickly project for someone interested in EV's.


Asking $5000 OBO.


Located in Portland Oregon


Email Soren

Revised 4/18/2017

EV Conversion Parts




Curtis Controller 1231C, 96-144v, 500a - $900.00

DC/DC converter - $300.00

on board charger, for 20, 6v trojans, - $275.00

Main circuit breaker, made in Mexico - $130.00

universal motor mount, - $150.00

Total 1,755.00, shipping included

Will sell individual items. Buyer pays $25.00 each item for shipping.

Text or call Charles at 971-209-9370


Advanced DC 9" motor


Advanced DC 9" motor, 120v - $850.00

Local pick up in Salem, Oregon
Call to discuss shipping?

Text or call Charles at 971-209-9370


2004 Crossfire Conversion

I put a little film together on the building if this car and you’ll find it here:

The car gets 50-60 miles on a full charge and I drive it in 2nd gear most of the time. It’s for around town at moderate speed. All systems work including the pop-up spoiler. It has brand new Goodyears and a brake job. I have $20,000.00 in the car but will take any reasonable offer. I just adopted a German shepherd from the pound and the car is not suited to transport a large dog.


I’m located in St Petersburg Florida.


Contact Bob


1986 Chevy S10 Conversion


13 inch GE motor (modified by Dennis Berube) direct drive to 9 inch ford rear.  Full cage all NHRA certified. OTMAR built z2khv 40 amp charger.  Extra wheels.

This is a well built street truck that has gone as quick as 11.007 in the qt. mile.  It's from AZ no rust and a complete body off restoration.  Hawker lead only gives 9 mile range

Eddie in Arizona wants $14000





Up for sale is a one of a kind custom electric Maillet. This beautiful two seater started out long ago as a 1969 Triumph Spitfire. In the early 1980’s, with the body badly rusted and the suspension and frame still in good condition, custom car builder Guy Maillet of Windsor Lock, CT hand build a fiberglass/Foam core composite body and replaced the triumph engine and transmission with a 4cylinder Ford gas engine and 4 speed transmission. The Maillet was first registered in CT in 1986 and has a home built gas powered automobile with a legal Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicle ID number. After years of enjoyment the Maillet was converted to electric drive, first using a fork lift motor in 2008, and then recently in 2011 it was upgraded using a 120 volt DC conversion kit from EV America. As currently configured the Maillet is powered by an Advanced 4001A DC clutchless electric motor controlled by a Curtis 1231C-8601 PMC Controller and powered with ten 12 volt Deep cycle marine batteries. An Elcon DC-DC converter keeps the 12v system fully charged, The deep cycle batteries have a range of approximately 40 miles, which
was more than sufficient for the current owners local driving needs. I am sure you can imagine the range capability of a car this light should it be converted to lithium power. An Elcon 110/220 volt charger currently recharges the batteries using a 110 Volt plug. But can be reconfigured to also use 220 power. The car, as currently configured, weighs approximately 1800 pounds.

As you can imagine a car like this gets a lot of attention and awards at car shows. Over the years the Maillet and its proud owner Guy Maillet have received several awards.

The CT Title still says gas power so you will need to go through the conversion paperwork if you want to register it as an EV.

Sadly, Guy Maillet recently passed away and the family has asked for help selling Guy’s prized possession. They are asking $8,500 for the complete ready to drive car. If you are interested in the Maillet and have questions or need additional pictures please Contact Mike at 860-221-9314


1994 Solectria Force


Up for sale is a 1994 Solectria Force located in Central CT. a rolling chassis Geo Metro professionally converted to all electric in Massachusetts.

It has 1.5 year old Deka batteries with 3,000 miles on them. These last for many years.They cost 3,000$ new.

Odometer has 36,000 miles on it.

It has a top range of 40 miles. My top mileage per charge has been 36 miles.
It has a 120 volt charger that will charge batteries to full in 12 hours.
It comes with a kerosene heater that was stock to the car as it was a Vermont car.
The kerosene heater has been removed, it needs work.
95% of brake lines have been replaced.
New upgraded brake pump
Newer 13 inch alloy wheels,
Comes with 12 inch rims and 12 inch snow tires.
It works great, very few problems with the car.
The headliner needs to be replaced.

It was used by the Burlington Electric Company and competed in electric vehicle races in Washington DC in 95-96
Upgraded LED lights on all except headlights and blinkers.
Can deliver 20 minutes from Hartford, Hebron, or Scotland CT.
5,000 dollars OBO.


Contact Brian


Miles ZX40S




 I am selling my Miles ZX40s.  It is great condition with only 29.3 miles on it.  It has air condition cd player and the interior is super clean. It needs new batteries.

I am asking $4,000 for it.


Contact Anthony


1999 Solectria Force,



UPDATED TO CALB in June 2014, 54 CALB/Skyenergy SE100AHA, Lithium Iron Phosphate, new Webasto air top 2000 diesel heater installed in 2015, J-1772 plug adapter to use public conductive chargers, tires P175/70-14 Bridgestone on mags, despite its 17 years, the condition of this car is almost Impeccable, on a scale from 1 to 10, I can easily give it a 9.


Asking $6,500 , for more info visit my page on evalbum. or text me on my cell 514-804-8606


2013 Chevy Volt





Contact Bert, Phone or Text (203) 733-9374


1983 Mazda RX-7 Conversion




1983 Mazda RX-7 EV

This Mazda RX-7 was nicely converted several years ago. The car only has about 80,000 miles on it. The body is rust free with only a few blemishes, although the paint is fading in places now. The inside is pristine with new seats and door panels. The suspension was upgraded along with the custom rims and new tires.

The car was designed with a 144VDC system. There is room for five batteries in the engine compartment and seven batteries in the rear hatch area, so the car is nicely balanced. The controller is a new Curtis 1231C with less than 1,000 miles on it. Has an Allis Chalmers DC motor that works great. Comes with a Quick Charge onboard charger set up for 144VDC AGM battery pack and a 30A Iota DC-DC converter. Also comes with a very nice Electric Blue Motors Blue Window Dashboard computer that outputs battery pack voltage, amps, charge state, and engine RPM to the LCD screen on the radio.

I smoked the older batteries on a long distance test run so it needs new batteries. That’s really it. The car is sold as-is, but was 100% operational when I removed the batteries. With twelve 12V AGM batteries, the car ran about 25 miles and could easily exceed 70mph. Drove it over 15,000 miles before I over-discharged the batteries.

Located in southeastern Iowa

Asking only $3,500. It’s a great car, but I’m moving and need to get it to a new owner.


Contact Shannon

Revised 09/24/2016


1990 Mazda Miata MX5 Conversion



I converted this 1990 Mazda Miata MX5 to all electric in 2008. The original conversion was 120 volts with 10 sealed jell series 27 batteries.

It was later updated to 144 volts with 12 series 27 sealed jell batteries, new in 2012.

All components were supplied by Electro Automotive in Felton CA. The conversion consists of the following.

* Warp 9 Electric motor, 70 Ft pounds of torque.

* Curtis 1231 C Controller 500 amp draw.

* 12 Volt Vacuum Power Break System.

* 120/220 volt Quick Charge Charger

* Dc/Dc converter to charge the house battery

All the electronic components are mounted on a ½ thick aluminum panel mounted where the radiator used to be mounted.

The car charges in about 8 hours from fully discharged batteries or less if only slightly discharged.

Performance is great and fun to drive. The car gives maximum power when cold or hot, it does not need to warm up. I would guess 0 to 60 in about 6
seconds and top speed is over 100 miles an hour.

The car is a local car and not intended for long distant driving. About 20 miles is about how far it will go on a charge depending on how fast you

The car is licensed to 2018 as an all-electric and is insured by Progressive.

I have a Power Point 4 month daily log of how it was converted if you would like to see it.


Asking $8,500

You can contact Me or call me at 541-361-0277, The car is located in Lakeside, Oregon.


1996 Chevy S10 Conversion




1996 Chevy S10 -ELECTRIC TRUCK- - $8000 (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

I am listing this for my grandfather. He's a mechanical wiz, yet lacks on his internet skills! This S10 was customized with an EV Kit with the intention of creating a truck to drive back and forth to work without costing a dime in fuel. The truck works flawlessly! The actual cost computes to about 60 cents per charge on 110 volt and takes about 6-8 hours. You can cut that time in half by charging with 220 volt.

Now for the details....

1996 Chevrolet S10 Extended Cab
-196,000 miles on chassis
-Converted to 144 volt electric power
-Advanced 144 volt DC motor
-12 converter box
-24- 6 volt Trojan T-145 batteries
-Curtis PMC 123C Controller
-Battery Charger included
-Manual transmission
-New Tires

*The truck will go 70 miles per charge*

Please do your research on these kits. You will find that the truck is priced very well. The kit alone is normally in the $6,000 range which doesn't include all the labor that has gone into installing this kit along with any fabricating needed along the way.

Looking to sell outright the price is partially negotiable for serious inquires!
Travis- 260-267-212two





Vanguard Citicar electric car
Barn find
This car is all there
Made in Florida by vanguard
All over the internet
Batteries look good
Have all history
All manuals
Super rate
2200 or best offer
413-233-8874 Pat
Contact Michelle


Custom Electric Trike!




Street legal, custom electric trike!

Front end is from a VW Beetle and the rear end is from a shaft drive Honda Shadow. It has a 72-volt brush DC motor with 3-20 hp (ME1003, Motenergy). The brushes were replaced one year ago. The controller (NPX4834 R7, Alltrax) is also only one year old. The vehicle was built in 2012. Below are some of its features.

Top Speed 45 mph
Range 15-25 miles
Four 75 amp hr 12-volt AGM SLA batteries
Four CTEK chargers, one for each battery
Individual and total battery voltage displays
Amp display
Key ignition
Custom canvas with removable doors
Simply plug-in to 120 volts AC to charge
Lights, blinkers, and hazards

Located in Rexburg, Idaho

$4750 obo


Email Me


2000 Ford Ranger EV – Factory NiMH



 Must sell, a recently refurbished 2000 Ford Ranger EV / NiMH (batteries & charging system). This truck is NOT a conversion, and has just recently had the batteries restored and tested by Battery MD in May of this year. Truck looks and drives excellent. The on board charger was also updated and changed by Battery MD. I am moving too far from my work and will not be able to utilize this truck as it should be, a daily driver. My loss your gain!

Includes (2) DS-50 chargers as well as a the Ford NGS diagnostic programmer and version 3.2 card. Tires are in good condition with approximately 3/4 of their life available. Approximately 47,000 total miles with just over 1,500 on the newly installed battery pack worth more than I am asking for the entire truck. Get into a reliable factory engineered electric vehicle for far less than you ever thought possible. These trucks are highly sought after and very rare, so don't wait long - Or you will miss the chance to own this amazing vehicle and piece of history.

Priced @ $9,950.00


Contact Mathew at (909) 636-9042

This is a great truck and I am sad to see it go.


1975 Datsun 280Z




1975 Datsun 280Z EV for sale $15000
4 spd trans

Contract Joe at 818-886-8040


1998 Ford Ranger EV



I am selling our 1998 Ford Ranger EV (Electric Vehicle). This is NOT A CONVERSION, these trucks were produced in the late '90s by Ford and only a small amount of them
remain in the world (last I checked less than 1000). This truck was one of the first 50 ever produced by Ford. The truck is in near-mint shape and runs great. Truck is
mainly stock except for these upgrades: All upgrades were done by Thunder Struck motors in Santa Rosa ,Ca

-The stock Lead Acid Batteries have been updated to more efficient Lithium Ion batteries out of a Nissan Leaf.
-The charger has been updated to the newer universal charger.
-The BMS and controller have been updated
-Tow package
-Comes with 2 220v wall chargers (professional installation strongly suggested )

Odometer reads just over 10,000 miles.
Range with the new batteries is about 100 miles per charge.
Medical issues forces this sale

Asking $15,000

Call 707 538 8324 for more info


1985 Pontiac Sunbird Convertible Conversion






TX Price: $6,000 or best offer


Austin Arrow – One of a kind custom 1985 Sunbird convertible with a 1991 Sunbird front clip converted to battery electric. The chassis is modified to allow for underside battery pack removable. The battery pack picture and swapper demo video are here: Click on the words below the short animation on the left to see full swap video. This is the prototype car and swapping machine from the Swap N Drive concept development.

What comes with this purchase:

1. The Austin Arrow - the car modified with a removable battery pack - has a clear title
2. Complete battery pack swapping machine with 5hp electric motor, hydraulic - pump, control valves, rams, motor, hoses, exchange cart, 20ft track, and manual controls
3. Extra 4-spd front wheel drive manual transmission that fits in a Sunbird

At the heart of this purchase is the Siemens 1PV5135WS14 three phase AC induction motor and the Siemens Simovert 6SV-1 long inverter purchased from The motor is rated at 100K hours. After that time, replace the motor bearings and it's good for another 100K hours. No brushed to replace.
Driving at 50 mph for 100K hours is 5 million miles. If you drove 25k per year, it would take 200 years to drive 5 million miles.

In summary, this hardware basically requires no maintenance.

Here are some of the key features of this hardware combination:

1. Both 80KW motor (approx. 100 HP) and inverter are water cooled
2. Max battery voltage into the inverter - 336 VDC
3. Max motor rpm - 9700 (Allows for a single speed gear reduction that goes from 0 to +80 mph)
4. Inverter includes both main/precharge contactors
5. Inverter includes 60A DC to DC converter to charge the accessory battery
6. Variable rate regenerative braking
7. Electric direction control - three position electrical switch: REV-N-FWD
8. Already has the custom adapter plate that mounts the motor to the transmission

The inverter has a serial port that allows for the connection of a PC so you can customize a couple of hundred parameter in the controller. Included in this purchase is the DOS based PC with the SIADIS program that talks to the motor controller. I also have the rare hardcopy of the SIADIS program Operating Instructions and all the documentation need to get this motor/inverter going in your application.

The motor is mounted to a front wheel drive manual transmission which was rebuilt and has synthetic lube in it. The transmission is locked in second gear. The CV shafts are new.

The floor pan of the car has been cut out in the center leaving the original side frame supports. Then the side frame supports were reinforced with steel to enable mounting of the latching system for the battery pack.

If you have no interest in the car, this 80KW motor/inverter combination would be great for most any other small custom electric 3 or 4 wheel conversion.

NOTE: The wheels and tires in the pictures of the Austin Arrow do NOT come with the car. It will come with the factory 14" turbo cast wheels.

What has been replaced with new parts:

Custom powder blue convertible top
Custom analog large gauge reads from 0 to 100% - Intended to display % of battery power available
Manual master brake cylinder
Front Calipers replace, rear wheel cylinders rebuilt
Front struts and rear shocks
Four suspension springs were replaced with custom wound coil springs to handle added battery weight
All brake pads and shoes
All rubber brake hoses
All wheel bearings
Manual rack and pinion steering assembly
Aluminum radiator
Silicon heater hoses
Electric Water pump
Evaporator in the heater box that is inside the dashboard for future A/C
Ceramic heater elements in heater box that is inside the dashboard (Need control and to be connected)
Upholstery that needs to be installed – seats and door panels
Dash panel padding, Sun visors, Arm rest,
All lights, except headlights, converted to LED
White exterior paint with custom graphics
Behind original gas cap is an electrical connector to facilitate charging
Tilt steering wheel – not new but an upgrade

Problems and issues:

The conversion is about 90% complete. At one point the car was drivable but had very short range because of battery issues. Battery management system failed eventually causing batteries to fail. Needs new batteries, new BMS and new battery charger. The interior needs to be installed. The swapping machine works manually but needs battery cart drive motor work - figure out how to get the hydraulic motor to work smoothly or replace with electric. The wheels and tires pictured with the car do NOT come with the car. The car will come with the 14" factory turbo cast wheels


Contact Joel

Revised 6/30/2016


1975 Datson 280Z Donor Vehicle


1975 Datson 280z...all internal combustion parts removed, body in good shape...needs all new interior Ready for conversion.


Needs to go $500.


Email Jim


AC55 Motor and UMOC440TF Controller


Motor (AC55) and controller (UMOC440TF) for sale in McLean, VA.


These powered a Land Rover Discovery from a 240V lead pack.Motor


Specifications:Controller Specs:

E10 Solectria Controllers Owners Manual

$2500 + shipping.


Contact Aaron


2011 ZAP Xebra SD



I would like to sell our 2011 Zap 3 wheel electric motorcycle. The car is in excellent running condition.


The cost is $5,000.


Please contact Lawrence at (808) 636-3333.


96) Sinopoly SP-LFP100AHA cells



For sale: (96) Sinopoly SP-LFP100AHA cells

-3.2V, 100Ah
-used lightly for approximately 8 months in an industrial application
-less than 200 charge cycles, never abused
-asking $60/cell plus shipping from Ontario, Canada

Email Dave


4 Miles EV cars




I have 4 Miles EV cars. These were from the east coast liquidation of Miles stock. We sold dozens and have 4 orphans left. Two Or 70 low milage( 1 silver 1 blue) never registered and Two ZX 40 cars(1 white 1 black) that can make one or needs additional parts to make two new cars. The parts are inexpensive and the ZX 40 cars have MSO documents. Looking for offers for one, two or all. Cars located on Long Island NY . All need Batteries, all are low mileage or no mileage cars.


Please email Jan and send phone contact for further information


2011 Nissan Leaf SV

2011 Nissan Leaf SV --Brand New 'lizard' battery gets 108 miles per chg - $12000

2011 Nissan Leaf SV -- Brand New 7000$ 'lizard' battery pack gets 108 miles of range per charge. I am the original owner; Clean title, no accidents, clean carfax, non-smoker and no pets. Never pay for gas, use carpool lane to drive past BMW, Mercedes and Lamborghini's on the freeways. Comfortable seating for 5 adults, ample cargo space, Navigation, Bluetooth, regenerative braking stores energy when you decelerate.


For more information please see


1985 Maserati BiTurbo Conversion



Here is a rare opportunity to own a piece of reality television show history ... this vehicle will have a full episode devoted to it on the upcoming season of TV's "Wheeler Dealers" on the Velocity Channel ...

This car has a unique history, as it was converted to electric power in the early 1990's. After being removed from storage for over 15 years, the car was offered to the show to undergo a complete transformation. They instated EV West, one of the most recognized names in the electric conversion business, to bring the car into the modern era. A Curtis Dual-AC-34 Brushless 96V Single-shaft motor was installed which utilizes new lithium ion battery technology. This modern package yields a power output of 36KW/HR and an approximate range of 120 miles.

Although it has only clocked approximately 39,000 miles in its lifetime, the car itself was updated with new brakes and other maintenance items. The original wheels were sourced, powder coated and fitted with new tires. Other minor cosmetic issues were also addressed from its years of daily commuting duties. I retains its original red paint with tan leather interior.

What we are left with is a truly unique and One-of-a-Kind vehicle that combines classic Italian styling with a modern power source . . .

This project is currently ongoing, and scheduled for completion in the next week or two. For all info on this vehicle and the sale process, serious parties should contact me directly for more info ...

Gregg @ 323-371-5636

Any sale is "as-is" and potential buyers are encouraged to have their own inspections performed prior to purchase


1993 Chevy S10 Conversion




ELECTRIC 93 S-10 For Sale.

500 amp Curtis Controller, 220 Zivan charger. Truck is in good mechanical condition, Batteries are 5 years old and 3 batteries do not hold proper voltage. Straight truck, EV America conversion kit.


Asking for 6000 obo.

Call 402-430-9830 with any questions.

Located in Eastern Nebraska, can deliver for a fee.


2013 WheeGo LiFe




2013 WheeGo all electric car (black exterior/gray interior) - MSRP $32995 - 5300 miles - excellent condition - 100 mile range at 80 mph - all desired info can be found at

Asking $12000 OBO - selling due to health reasons.

Contact Jim at (402) 592-3247


1993 S-10 Short bed Pickup




S-10 1993 Short bed Pickup - Ask $11,000 “as is”




3/4 ton springs

Standard Steering Conversion from power steering

Steel battery rack under pickup bed

 Hinged side lift bed for battery access

Front end fiberglass

Aluminum rear bumper

Kill switch inside cab

In dash electronic Amp/voltage display

Zivan Charger in vehicle setup for 144 volts

220 receptacle input in gas cap

Air Conditioning setup

Bedliner (Spray in)

Clutch intact 5 speed stick - full plate steel adaptor

Advanced DC Motor

FB1-4001A Albright Contactor’s

Curtis Pot Box PB6

Curtis Controller 1231C-8601

\Circuit Breaker Airpax

Welding cable 2/0 for 6 volt batteries assembled by Sunbelt Battery


Overview Stats:


144 volt setup

T-124 Trojan Batteries (dead)

5,252 miles on vehicle since conversion in 2010

Garage storage at all times

Tires are 6 year old


Assembly Assist by Electric Blue Motors (Flagstaff):


All electric and mountings

AMP/Voltage Display Custom design

Zivan Charger mounting

Air Conditioning setup and mounting

DC to DC converter and separate 12 volt starting system


Contact Mark


 2007 Miles ZX40S


We are selling our Miles ZX40S recently painted for 5,500usd.
The color is space blue, which was painted over its original red color.

Miles as a company offered four electric vehicles that were designed primarily for low-speed fleet use, the ZX40, ZX40S, ZX40S Advanced Design, ZX40ST, and the OR70.
All Miles Electric Vehicles were DOT/NHTSA Federal Standard 500 compliant, offering steel chassis, steel impact-resistant frame, steel doors and DOT-approved glass throughout.
NHTSA/FMVSS Standard 500 law requires all low-speed vehicles (LSV) be electronically limited to 25 mph (40 km/h), and are street legal for use on roads with posted speed limits up to 35 mph (56 km/h).

This vehicle is drivable, with brand new set of 6 Duracell Group 31 deep cycle batteries. The lights are working, and gets good speed (30mph+) and handling, however, the interior and brakes need work.

The car has never been titled or registered.

Email us with offers


2000 Ford Escort ZX-2 Conversion




For Sale: 2000 Ford Escort ZX-2 EV.

It is time for next project, so it is time for the Escort to move on. This EV has proven to be a very reliable form of transportation, and a great way to experience the EV world. It is priced so that, if you desire, the components can be removed and installed in you favorite ICE vehicle. Here are some details of the car:

1.) Warp 9" DC Motor
2.) Orion BMS
3.) Elcon CAN controlled Charger (110 or 220 volt input)
4.) Open Revolt Controller
5.) 44 (+2 spares) 100 AH Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries
6.) 5 speed with clutch
7.) Removable tow bar
8.) Voltmeter, ammeter and JLD-404 gages
9.) 85 MPH top speed
10.) 50 mile range at 100% Depth of Discharge (never tested at this low of charge.)
11.) Vacuum pump for power brakes
12.) Ceramic Heater
13.) ELM 327 Wifi output for IPAD Gages

Price: $6000. The vehicle is located in Indianapolis, Indiana USA. We are in the center of the country and I will be happy to figure out a way to get the car to you. (For the right price, I might deliver it!)

Tom Wright (cell: 317-515-7641)


D&D motors, model ES-15A-6 Electric Motor




Subject: Series Wound Electric Motor - $450

This is a series-wound, brushed electric motor, appropriate for a light electric vehicle. It can take 48-72 volts, up to about 500 amps. It is rated at 9 HP continuous.

This motor is made by D&D motors, model ES-15A-6

I put this on a VW Beetle electric vehicle, but it was slow to accelerate and its top speed was 35 mph using a 72 volt, 450 amp controller. I upgraded to a bigger motor and controller and this motor was left over.

Motor specs:

I also have this matching motor speed controller in another ad:

At the most, this could power something the size of a VW Beetle around town at about 35 mph. This would work well on something lighter, like a golf cart or motorcycle.

$450 or best offer.

I live in San Luis Obispo, on the central coast of California


Contact Kurt


1997 Mazda Miata EV Conversion




1997 Mazda Miata EV Conversion owned by Elite Power Solutions

144V of 200Ah Thundersky LiFePO4 batteries with Elite Power Solutions individual cell balancers
Advanced DC 9.1” motor coupled to standard 5 speed transmission with clutch
New clutch slave cylinder
Curtis 1231C 500A controller
Electric vacuum brake pump with reservoir – Very fast and quiet, can sustain continuous brake actuation
Elite Power Solutions BMS with touch screen control
120/240VAC charger in trunk
Iota DLS-45 for a DC/DC converter
GBS-LFMP 40Ah pack for auxiliary battery with individual cell balancers
Hard Dog roll bars

Car had a proven 130 mile range when the pack was new. At this point the pack is six years old and a few of the cells have developed high self-discharge and will have to occasionally get a boost charge. The present actual range is unknown. Around a year ago a hand full of the cells were tested and still exhibited 170Ah+ (4.0V to 2.5V).

Deficiencies: There is a large dent on the driver’s side rear quarter panel where someone backed in to the car in a parking lot. There is also another dent in the trunk lid from another similar incident. Both of these dents could likely be repaired by a paint less dent removal service. The passenger side tail light will also need to be replaced. Otherwise the vehicle is in good condition and so is the convertible top and dash.

Vehicle has manual windows and locks, the power steering is disconnected so the car is manual steering now. Aftermarket AM/FM CD player in dash with removable faceplate.

Vehicle is in good running order but is being sold as is where is. This is a great project vehicle for someone looking to get in to an electric vehicle. Please be aware that the BMS will only sound an alarm if a cell voltage gets too low. It will not automatically shut down the vehicle in the event of a low voltage condition. Continuing to drive past this will cause permanent damage to the battery pack. Tachometer is connected, but does not work. It is believed that the sender is the only reason it does not work. If the motor is over revved it will cause damage to it. The car has no heat or air conditioning but all under dash ductwork and blower is intact.
Vehicle has 124,800 miles. Very fun to drive, especially when the weather is nice and the top is down.


Asking $12,000 OBO.


Contact Yuan at (602)316-8743.


1980 Jet Electrica 007


1980 Dodge Omni Electrica 007



7500 miles. Only 10 of these electric vehicles where made. These vehicles were taken from Dodge by Jet Electric as new cars without the gasoline motor and fitted with a 9 inch GE electric motor and GE controller. Car has 120V battery pack. Batteries are 2 years old. Car has 30 mile range with current batteries. When batteries where new range was 70 miles. Charger operates on 220 volts. Takes about 10 hours to charge when fully depleted. 4 speed manual transmission. Car has a gasoline heater. $6000 obo.


Contact Me, I am located in Millersville, MD.



2000 Ford Ranger EV


2000 Ford Ranger EV pickup built by Ford 8volt battery type needs new batteries 12,600 miles white color AC PS AM FM has cover on bed comes with charging station and manuals printed of the Internet


Contact John


K&W TD-100 tachometer drive



I have a new in package K&W TD-100 tachometer drive. This device allows you to keep the original tachometer to your vehicle or use a regular aftermarket one with your EV conversion!

Price is $100 OBO + shipping.

Please see the photo for condition and email with any questions.


Contact Jim


1998 Chevrolet S-10 Conversion




1998 Chevrolet S-10 tire-smoking, 100% Electric pickup truck!

Have you been thinking about an electric vehicle so you can blast past gas stations and say goodbye to oil changes? Perhaps you've considered the idea of an electric vehicle and noticed that the automakers are not making electric pickup trucks... well here's an opportunity to have a very trick and very powerful all-electric S-10 pickup truck!

Zilla 2K-HV serial #161 (one of the last ones made by Otmar himself!)
Hairball 2 fully loaded AP model
Zilla View on computer in dash display
Bluetooth keyboard
6.6kW MES-DEA Heater
Meanwell 480 watt DC/DC converter
100A resettable waterproof 12V circuit breaker
four Ferraz Shawmut ultrasafe/fingersafe fuse holders for the H.V. 12V connections
1,800A Heinemann Breaker (emergency disconnect)
4/0 flexible thick wall Orange cable throughout vehicle and with "High Voltage" stamped on it
High Voltage / High Amperage beefy Ferraz Shawmutt semiconductor fuse in the battery pack.
Two beefy Albright contactors in parallel act as the main contactor and allow for easy inspection of the contact surfaces.
Recent new 9" Advanced DC motor now nicely broken in with only about 10k miles on it
Custom temp sensor in motor
motor speed sensor mounted and wired to Zilla Hairball to prevent overspinning
High power yet quiet 12V blower provides very high CFM forced air cooling to the motor
Stout Optima Yellow Top 12V battery to augment onboard DC/DC converter
Powerful on-board 9.6kW Manzanita Micro PFC-40 battery charger
Manzanita Micro powdercoated battery boxes with reg decks and integrated beefy 1/4 x 1" copper bus bars and MK3x4 BMS (battery management system)
Custom, professionally rebuilt beefier 5spd manual transmission
Spec Stage 2+ racing clutch and pressure plate
Spec Aluminum flywheel
Custom billet aluminum style shift knob with secret compartment
Interior with newer carpeting, dual factory optioned 12V accessory outlets
Driver and passenger airbags
Antilock brakes
Custom installed efficient and easy-to-turn manual steering
Trick 7 inch Xenarc touch-screen built into stereo in dash and monitors battery volts and amps, kilowatts, motor volts and amps, motor RPM etc. using Zillaview and underhood car PC!
The custom in-car PC also has the Manzanita Micro BMS software loaded so it can display a continuously updating color bar graph of every cell in the battery pack.
Included is a stylish and compact Foldable Bluetooth keyboard which makes typing easier.
The truck also has a custom tilting bed with gas struts for easy battery pack access
There is also a high-end smooth fitting lockable fiberglass tonneau cover for protecting what's in the truck bed and it is painted to match the truck body.
The rear axle is custom equipped with adjustable airbag suspension

In addition to all of the aforementioned parts, there are some other things included with the sale:
- High quality Blue Ox tow bar system for easy flat towing of this truck
- extra high-amp H.V. Ferraz Shawmut semiconductor fuses
- Full GM shop / service manual for the S-10 truck
- extra older Manzanita Micro BMS boards
- a Watt-lo programmable temperature control unit for the motor/blower system

Although the truck is currently running, the battery pack has been damaged and is in desperate need of attention. Once a 190 mile-per-charge electric truck, this truck now has an ailing pack due to an over discharge and over-charge event. Of the 72 Thundersky 160AH cells there are at least two cells which read zero volts and while the truck is movable it is very weak and shouldn't be expected to be driven regularly. It's possible the new owner could remove these two cells, tighten all the connections and have a usable pack, otherwise simply plan on replacing the battery pack with something new and the rest of the truck is in good working order ready to be a commuter and/or tear it up at the drag strip or out-accelerate the kid next to you at the stoplight on your way back from Home Depot :-)
Also the hood latch wasn't tightened all the way once and it flipped back against the windshield putting some cracks into it and a some small dents in the hood (although it all still closes etc.)

I'd love to keep the truck but financial circumstances and some life redirection forces me to sell this slick pickup conversion. Anyone who knows these parts listed will see that this was converted with top-of-the line components and indeed this was a >$40,000 conversion.
Sure I could part components but it seems such a shame to part-out such a unique electric vehicle and I'd like to see it go to someone who will keep it on the road. It is well worth my asking price of $7,500

Truck is located in Washington State, in Maple Valley, (South East of Seattle)
For more information Contact Chad or call or text: 206-859-9553




Help with converted 1962 MG Midget.
I have a 1962 MG Midget that is a home conversion(2005) but also had extensive work done(2007) by Mike Brown at Electic Automotive in Bonny Doon CA(original VW conversion kits)
It was in an accident(fender bender) 2 years ago but the front end and fender have since been straightened but I need help getting it back on the road. I could use help with the brakes but most importantly I need advice about the Controller and Converter and whether or not to replace them. I don't want to buy new batteries(the ones I have i'm sure are no good after sitting for 2 years) until I have found out if I need to replace those parts and if that means I need different batteries(area size restriction dictates these batteries)

And since the care is not running I need someone who can come to my house on the westside of santa cruz.

Here are the specs:
Motor Prestolite Series Wound DC
Drivetrain 4 speed manual transmission, clutchless adapter
Controller Curtis 1221B
Batteries 8, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
marine deep cycle
System Voltage 96 Volts
Charger K and W BC-20
120 VAC
DC/DC Converter Kepco


Contact Mary




1978 Datsun 280z Conversion



1978 Datsun 280z (Nissan) converted to plug-in electric.

A classic sports car that needs no oil, gas, coolant or smog certificate.

This 280z is equipped with:

Netgain Warp 9" DC motor (less than 3,000 miles)

5 speed manual transmission (less than 3,000 miles on the clutch)

BF Goodrich Advantage tires (less than 2,000 miles)

Fiberglass racing hood (takes 50lbs off and allows full access under the hood)

Curtis controller 144 vdc. It was running at 120 volts using lithium iron phosphate batteries.

110 and 220 volt charger

The batteries have been removed but the battery management system is pretty new and can be used with a new set of similar batteries. The acrylic enclosure and binding straps for the batteries are also included.

The car is not running but with a new set of batteries it will be good to go.

As far as performance, I've driven it up to 90mph on the highway. The speed and range will be determined by your choice of batteries. A steel trunk was installed where the gas tank used to be. I only had batteries under the front hood so there is a lot more room for batteries than what I was running. The range could be greatly extended by utilizing that space for batteries as well. The car charged overnight using a standard outlet but the charger also works at 220v for a faster charge.

There are some extra parts like the stock mirrors, emblems, extra headlamps, dash cover. . . The gas flap has been removed and smoothed over. The power cord is where the exhaust pipe would be.

The heater/defroster unit is very loud and not efficient. The interior needs work but mechanically, it is a nearly new electric car in a classic body.

Batteries not included.


Contact Ezra


EV Parts For Sale


I have the following EV components that I would like to find a home for. It’s 95% of all the stuff you would need to convert a vehicle to an electric power.


1231C8601 - CURTIS CONTROLLER-96-144V-500AMP

Also have 8 Trojan 30XHS 12 V batts that still have good useable life.

PContact Stan at 541-990-3867

The parts are located in Corvallis, OR


2013 Fiat 500e




2013 Fiat 500e All Electric Hatchback

This is a like new low miles EV
Fiat only sells these to CA or OR residents. This is your chance to get one!!!!
Does 80-100 miles on charge
Has app to monitor usage / power
All phone / music / Bluetooth connectivity
Euro white interior and electric orange paint ext
Does an amazing 0-30 in 2.8 and 0-60 in 8.4
Only 8k miles
Always garaged until very recent.
no dents

Known issue:
Small scratch left rear bumper
Slight stain area on cloth part of seat ( I will actually try to get this out or take to an upholstery cleaner)
Small windshield pits from normal usage

I absolutely love this car! It's amazing to drive and no gas for the 2 years I've had it. Only selling because I'm moving up the ladder to a more expensive EV.

$21k Cash sale firm
$21,500 remain on loan with 470/month takeover with Chase Auto

Contact Jessica - Don't miss out on an Amazing EV!!!!


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Dynasty IT


Wanted Dynasty IT sedan


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Help Wanted


I have a 2010 Honda Accord that I want to convert to electric. I have zero experience. I seek a mentor in or near the San Fernando Valley, Ca area I’m in no hurry and can work at your pace should you choose to accept the assignment.
I can be reached at 818-991-1995 or email Me


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