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My name is Noel Adams and I run the evfinder.com web site among other things.  I also write the occasional article for Electrifying Times and EV World. I am British but have lived in the Southern California area for over a quarter of a century.  Before moving to the US I also spent four years working for an automobile manufacturer in the middle east. 


I developed an interest in Electric Vehicles back around 1990 and my interest became an obsession when I tried unsuccessfully to lease a GM EV1.  I realized that it was really difficult for people to even find information about electric vehicles, and finding an actual car was all but impossible.  I decided to do something about it and started EVFinder.com.  Now the evfinder web site gets about 60,000 hits per month and I have helped hundreds of people to find an electric car.  Still, as Rodney Dangerfield says, "I get no respect".  It gets frustrating at times to get totally ignored by a company like Tesla Motors.  At times I feel like giving up then I get a dealer who tells me that their business depends on referrals from my site and it all seems worth while again.


The following page will contain my own thoughts on a variety of topics related to electric vehicles and will also allow me to stray off topic a bit and look at other issues such as hybrid vehicles, and issues surrounding air pollution and oil addiction, which are the reasons I got interested in Electric Vehicles in the first place.

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Sunday November 16, 2019 Changes Coming to CA Rebate  One of the biggest criticisms of subsidies for electric cars has been that they tend to favor the rich.  California made a change to their rebate program in July 2015 to limit rebates to those making less than $250,000 a year.  With almost half of all EV sales in the US happening in California budgets are still stretched so further changes are going into affect on December 3...Continued


Sunday October 27, 2019 Tesla 2019 Q3 Update - This week Tesla released its 3rd quarter results and it camas quite a surprise to many.  It did contain some exciting new information about future products so I thought I would share some of that information here...Continued


Sunday September 20, 2019 Greenhouse Gas Timeline Last week I read a very interesting article in the Guardian that went over the timeline where the fossil fuel industry knew about the possible problems with greenhouse gas emissions. The article covered the period from 1959 until the present.  I thought it might be interesting to summarize their findings and add some historical data...Continued


Sunday July 28, 2019 Volta Goes DC Regular readers will know that I am a big fan of Volta.  The company provides free charging at places like Malls and similar locations.  To fund the cost their chargers feature advertising which hopefully generates enough income to cover the cost of the charger, installation, and electricity.  Now, Volta is venturing into the world of DC Fast Charging...Continued 


Sunday September 15, 2019 Subaru Crosstrek PHE Now that the California Air Resources Board has extended the ZEV mandate to include medium sized manufacturers we have been seeing a scramble to get plug-in cars on the road.  One of the latest of these is Subaru who started selling a plug-in version of the Crosstrek in February.  Like Chrysler Subaru has chosen to call this the Crosstrek Hybrid with no reference to it being a plug-in in the name...Continued


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