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Sunday May 21, 2017 Next EV for EV Drivers This week Cleantechnia released the results of a survey they conducted of 2,000 EV drivers in 28 countries asking questions like what EV they will purchase next and what they desired in a future EV.  The survey results have some bias as it was not taken from a random selection of people but amongst Cleantechnia readers who voluntarily filled out their survey.  Still, the results are quite interesting.


The survey responses were classified in to six categories.  First they were split between North America, which includes Canada, and Europe.  Each regional group was divided into Tesla Drivers, none Tesla BEV drivers, and plug-in hybrid drivers.


Some of the results of the survey were quite interesting.  The most common reason for getting a plug-in car was Environmental with results varying from 30% - 45% across the six groups.  There was also a desire for a broader range of vehicle types especially for mid-sized sedans and vehicles in the SUV/Crossover categories..   
Most respondents said they expected their next EV to have more than 200 miles of range even though they indicated that they didn't really need so much range.  They also wanted cars that were capable of Level 3 and super-fast charging even though most respondents said they rarely used such charging.

Surprisingly, most respondents said that public charging infrastructure was convenient, accessible and reliable.  However, most respondents said they usually charged at home while very few said that they regularly use public charging.


For environmental benefits most advocate EV plug PV.  An interesting statistic from the survey is that the number of people who had solar panels installed on their home varied across the groups going from 28% to 40%.  This ties in well with surveys done here in California that found that people that bought EVs were more likely to go solar.


The most interesting results from the survey came from the question about what EV the respondents would buy next.  the majority of respondents said that their next EV would be a Tesla model 3.  This was the number one answer in all six categories and I suspect many of the respondents have already placed their deposit on one.  In particular, the vast majority of Tesla owners said that their next EV would be another Tesla.


Outside the desire for a Tesla, the survey showed a quite a degree of brand loyalty.  For example Chevy Volt drivers indicated that their next vehicle would be either another Chevy Volt or a Chevy Bolt.  Nissan leaf drivers also were more likely to replace their existing car with another Leaf.  There were a couple of cars that were under represented in the survey because they sell best in countries that have a small number of Cleantech readers.  The Renault ZOE is the best selling EV in Europe but most sales are in France. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is the best selling plug-in in Europe but is a best seller in the Netherlands.  Because they were so under-represented it is difficult to tell drivers of these vehicles exhibit the same degree of brand loyalty.


Clearly there is a lot of bias in this survey.  For example it doesn't look like there was an option to say that their next car would be a FCEV or perhaps that they would go back to ICE cars.  A small number of people did respond to say that they thought that their current EV would be the last car they bought as they expected it to last the rest of their lives.  Still, it does tend to affirm what many EV advocates have been saying for a long time, once a person gets used to driving an electric car they never want to go back to gas.

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