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When I first set up this web site Electric Vehicles were hard to find.  


This web site was set up to help people locate an EV.  The information contained in this web site is based on information I have received about the availability of vehicles both new and used.  I attempt to keep the information here as current as possible but I would appreciate being notified of any inaccuracies you may find.  


It is privately run and funded with no advertising


The appearance of a vehicle on this site does not imply any endorsement of that vehicle, or any implication that the vehicle will be suitable for your needs.  As always you should investigate the vehicle and the seller before shelling out your hard earned money.


Vehicles are broken down into various categories so that you can jump to the specific vehicle type that interests you.  I will try and include a little bit of information about the vehicle along with contact information or web site links.  I have not included information on electric bikes or small scooters like the Zappy as they are often sold through retail outlets and are readily available.   I also haven't included Hybrid Vehicles as all the current vehicles derive 100% of their power from Gasoline and are not Electric Vehicles, but I will include information about Plug-in Hybrids.   However, I did include some entries in my  links page to site that sell Electric Bikes, "Zappy" style scooters, and golf carts, to help people find these items.


If you find the electric car of your dreams through this web site please let the company or dealer know that you heard about them on evfinder.com.  


Notes on the various pages


Full Sized EVs - these are EVs that are fully freeway capable vehicles having four or more wheels

Plug-in Hybrids - Plug-In Hybrids

City EVs - These are EVs that are intended for use in the city and usually have a top speed of between 50 and 55 mph

NEVs - These are EVs that comply with US low speed vehicle requirements with top speed limited to 25mph

3 Wheel EVs - this includes any EV that has three wheels.

Electric Scooters - This includes electric "Vespa Style" scooters and Electric motorcycles but excludes low powered "Vespa Style" Scooters where the top speed is unlikely to exceed 20mph carrying a reasonable load.  

Classifieds contains ads from people selling used EVs along with EV Wanted ads.  There is also a list of EVs currently advertised on eBay.  I usually search ebay around 11am and post the results by 6pm.  EVs posted on eBay after 11am will usually not show up until the following day.  Advertising on the evfinder classifieds is free

EV Watch - contains information about EVs that are in the development or prototype stage and might one day go into production

Archive - This page contains old posts about EVs that are no longer made.

EVents Calendar - This lists upcoming Events related to EVs.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

EV Selector - gives guides to help choose an EV that fits your requirements.

Links - Contain links to may other EV Sites.  The links are organized under various categories like parts suppliers or EV Clubs and societies.

Blog - I write a weekly blog where topics range from visits to EV Shows to the latest political and environmental developments.  The latest blog is usually added around 6pm PST on Sunday night.


Since evfinder.com list vehicles from around the world vehicle availability is indicated by the flag of that nation.  If you want to find an EV available in Italy look down the page until you see an Italian Flag.


Information about vehicles on this site has been collected from many sources but I cannot guarantee the accuracy of that information.  "Your Mileage may vary" as they say on the EPA mileage stickers.  The appearance on this site of any vehicle should in know way be considered an endorsement of that vehicle.


Please send comments/suggestions to evfinder


You can get notifications about when updates occur, such as when eBay listings are posted on the site, by following on Twitter.

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