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Here are some links that will help you find out more about EVs, It contains links to sites that are useful to the EV enthusiast so check back as the site grows


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EV Converters, Parts and Accessories Suppliers



A123 makes Lithium Ion batteries

Altairnano will supply the lithium batteries for Phoenix motors

Batteries Xpress sells a range of lead acid battery brands

Battery Space in Richmond, CA sells a range of Li and NiMH batteries and DC-DC converters

Discover Energy makes the Discover line of Lead Acid batteries

East Penn makes the Deka line of Lead Acid batteries

EVB Technology (Gold Peak) makes LiFePO4 and large format NiMH batteries

Exide makes a variety of batteries including the Orbital range of deep cycle batteries

Greensaver Technology Manufactures Silicone batteries

Greenshedconversions based in Crystal River, FL does conversions, repairs, and sells EV parts

Interstate Batteries makes deep cycle lead acid batteries

Johnson Controls makes deep cycle batteries including Optima

Kayo Battery Company manufactures LiFEPO4 batteries

Kokam makes lithium polimer batteries also see Kokam America

LithiumBoost provides lithium battery pack upgrades for NEVs

Power Storage Europe, based in the Netherlands, supplies a variety of deep cycle batteries

Saft make NiCad and other large format batteries

Second Life Lithium sells previously used lithium batteries

Silicone Batteries based in Canada sells Silicone and LiFEPO4 batteries

Trojan makes Lead Acid batteries for EV applications

Valence makes large format Lithium Batteries

Voltronix USA Inc provides Lithium battery suitable for EV Applications



Altrax sells electric vehicle controllers

Cafe Electric manufactures the Zilla line of controllers

Curtis Instruments makes a range of EV controllers

Kelly Controllers makes a variety of controllers and sells other EV components

Zapi sells electric vehicle controllers



Aerovironment makes fast charging system for electric vehicles

Battery Tender sells a battery charger designed to maintain charge on a battery when stored for a long time

Clipper Creek Makes off-board chargers compatible with Tesla, Mini-E, and others

Delta-Q manufactures a line of EV battery chargers

ElCon sells and services Zivan chargers

Helios Solar makes solar charging systems that can be used on some NEVs

Manzanita Micro sells Chargers and voltage regulators for EV applications

Sungo Power Systems sells solar chargers for NEVS and Golf Carts


Conversions and Conversion Kits

AmpRevolt based in Lancaster, PA that does EV conversions of classic cars

Blade Electric Vehicle is an Australian EV converter 

Blu-Print Conversions based in South Windsor, CT offers both EV and PHEV conversions

Canadian Electric Vehicles sells EV parts and does EV conversions

ConvertURcar based in Australia does Conversions and supplies EV components

Dragon Electrics offers conversions, parts and kits in the UK

Duke Garage in Westminster CO, do EV Conversions and also offer Kits and EV Service

Electric Blue based in Flagstaff, AZ converts a range of cars to electric.

E.C.D Automotive Design based in Kissimmee, FL converts Land Rovers to Electric

Electric Car Plans sells plans to build an electric car in your garage

Electrogenic based in Oxford, UK converts classic cars to electric.

Electric Cars of New York based in Ossining, NY does electric car conversions

Electric Motor Werks based in Palo Alto, CA offers conversions and conversion kits

Electric Classic Cars based in Newtown Powys, Wales. UK converts classic cars

Electric Vehicle Systems based in Underwood, SC offers both EV conversion and repair services

Electro Automotive sells EV conversion kits

Elghe sells EV parts and converted Fiat Panda and Renault Twingos in Italy

Enova Supplies Electric vehicle systems to EV manufacturers

EV America sells EV conversion Kits and Parts

EV-Blue does Electric Vehicle Conversions

E-V Concept Cars Builds custom EVs and Electric Boats

EV Miata based in San Francisco sells a conversion kit for the first generation Mazda Miata

EV-Propulsion based in Bayport, NY does EV conversions and sells EV parts

EV Source sells all the EV parts needed for an EV conversion

EV West based in San Marcus, CA sells conversion Kits and will convert classic cars

EV Works based in Lansdale, Western Austrlia does conversions and sells EV Parts

Evolve Electrics based in Longmont, CO does EV conversions

Gas to Electric Conversions based in Santa Monica, CA does custom conversions

Grass Roots Electric Vehicles based in Florida sells EV conversions

Green motors inc is an electric car converter based in Phoenix, AZ

Green Shed Conversions is an electric car converter based in Fort Pierce, FL

Gremco is an EV converter located near Hubbard, OR who do conversions mostly in the winter time

Houston Electric Cars based in Houston, TX will convert most gas cars to electric

JMJ Electric Vehicles based in Spokane, WA does EV conversions

KTA Services Inc. sells EV Conversion Kits and Parts 

Left Coast Electric (formerly Left Coast Conversions) sells EV Conversion kits and will do Custom Conversions

Left Coast EV - Los Angeles based company that does custom EV Conversions

London Electric Cars based in London, UK does custom EV Conversions

Lunaz Design based in Silverstone, UK sells converted classic cars

Make Mine Electric based in Sebastopol, CA does EV Conversions

Metric Mind sells AC conversion kits

Pioneer Conversions based in Lemont, IL does EV Conversions

Powered by DC located in Olympia, WA does EV conversions

RebirthAuto offers kits for conversion of air cooled VW and Porsche vehicles

REV Consultants, based in Ottawa, Canada, does electric vehicle conversions

Retrospective Scooters off offers conversion kits for classic Vespa and Lambretta scooters.  Based in UK but will ship worldwide

Revolt Custom Electric Vehicles is an EV converter based in Austin, TX

ShiftEV is an EV converter based in Oregon

SUNN Solar sells a street legal kit car, NEV or 3 wheel, that uses solar cells.

The Electric Car Company based in Murray, UT does conversions and sells EV parts

TrajectoryEV based in Salinas, CA does conversions and sells EV Parts

Zero Labs Automotive based in El Segundo, CA converts classic cars to EV


EV Parts

API-Assembled sells manuals and spare parts for the Citicar and Commutacar

Anidatech sells BatGuard battery management system for Lithium batteries

Arizona Ranch and Resort Cars sells parts for golf carts and NEVs

EV Assemble sells EV parts and will also custom build electronic components

AVT sells EV parts in the UK

Buggies unlimited sell parts and accessories for a wide variety of golf carts and NEVs

Brusa sells EV parts and complete traction systems

Cartpros in Phoenix, AZ sells Parts and Manuals for a variety of NEVs and Golf Carts

CasaDelGato Systems sells battery monitoring systems

Cloud EV sells EV components

Current Logic sells DC-DC converters

D & D Motor Systems sells a range of electric motors and controllers 

Electric Auto Association catalog of EV accessories

Electric Vehicles USA sells EV parts and accessories including GEM accessories

emobileshop based in Germany sells parts for the City-El

EVInstruments Sells Battery and EV system monitoring equipment

EV Parts Australia sells EV parts and accessories in Australia

Frost EV Parts based in Woodford Halse, UK sells EV parts and accessories

Golf Cart King sells parts for Club-car, E-Z-Go and Yamaha carts

Golf Cart Wheels based in Chicago, IL sells wheels, tires, and accessories for NEVs and Golf Carts from EZ-GO, Club Car, and Yamaha

HotJuiceElectric sells a battery monitor

GEM Car Doors Offers a variety of door options for the GEM

Gravitron is a UK company that supplies electric drive trains for most Kit cars.

Golf Cart Goodies sells accessories for NEVs and Golf Carts

Machine Design has lots of information on electric motors and a large list of motor suppliers

Modular EV Power Sells J1722 to NEMA adapter boxes

PakTrakr - sells a battery monitor

Peacock Ltd stocks parts for the Bombardier NEV

Ride for Fun offers GEM accessories

Th! sells parts for the Th!nk Neighbor

Vicor sells DC-DC converters

ZEVA sells electric vehicle parts in Australia


Electric Motors

Custom Electric Services Inc in Cleveland, OH sells new and used motors and can refurbish electric motors

D & D Motor Systems Manufactures a range of electric motors

High Performace Golf Carts Inc. Sell AC motors for golf cart and NEV applications

High Torque Electric Motors in Redmond, OR sells and repairs electric motors

Jungle Motors sells a range of DC motors suitable for EV applications

Lynch Electric Motor is a UK based manufacturer of electric motors

NetGain Technologies sells a range of electric motors


EV repairs

ScooterWerks is a Maryland company that does repair work on electric scooters

Air Lab provides repair and evaluation services for the Corbin Sparrow and also sells BMS equipment

Black Sheep Technology can repair controllers DC to DC converters etc and sells parts for the Sparrow

GOGEMCARS based in Fort Lauderdale, FL does repairs for GEM cars and also sells parts and accessories

Gruber Power Services in Phoenix, AZ offers parts and repair services for the Tesla Roadster

LT's Gear Shop in St. Petersburg, FL does electric car service, repair, and customization

US Electricar Store will repair electronics for the US Electricar range of vehicles


EV Plans, Manuals and Howto articles

Top 7 Issues for an Electric Car Conversion from

EV Mod Kits sells several how to manuals for converting a car to electric

If you have questions about EVs and you can't find the answer at EV Finder or in the above links then email evfinder and I will do my best to answer your questions.