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Here are some links that will help you find out more about EVs, It contains links to sites that are useful to the EV enthusiast so check back as the site grows


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EV Bikes and small "Zappy style" scooter sites


An excellent site for general information about "Zappy" style electric scooters is which contains lots of information about where to buy, what to look for, safety tips, legal tips and more.  


Electric Bikes Experts is a good source for info on buying and riding Electric Bikes 

Complete Electric Bike Buyers Guide has lots of useful info for people considering an eBike

CSC Motorcycles based in Azusa, CA sells e-bikes and Electric scooters

ELbike sells a 750W electric Scooter in Europe

Electric Bicycle Outlet in San Francisco sells a wide range of electric bikes

Electric Bikes Northwest sells a variety of electric bikes

ElectricScooterParts sells parts for many brands of "Zappy" style scooters and electric bikes

Electric Vehicles Northwest sells electric bikes in Seattle, WA and Oceanside, CA

Falcon EV sells a range of electric bikes 

Factory Direct Electric Bikes sells electric biles

Freebird Scooters sells electric scooters and bikes in Australia

Funtime Electric Scooters sells a low cost "Boreem" style scooter

Go-Ped makes "Zappy" style electric scooters

Great Electric Scooters sells electric bikes and "Zappy" style scooters

Joyce International sells, services and distrbutes parts for "Zappy Style" electric scooters

Light Electric Vehicle Association a global trade group for electric bike and scooter manufacturers

Marrs Electric Cycles sells motorcycle inspired custom built electric bikes

Murf Electric Bicycles based in San Clemente, CA sells a variety of electric bikes

Palmer Industries - manufactures electric trikes

Rad2Go makes "Zappy Style" electric scooters and the Sunbird electric bike

Razor Electric Scooter Reviews contains info about Razor scooters

Reef Bikes is an Australian Company that designs and sells electric bikes for "Zappy Style" electric scooters

Scooter Plan, based in the Netherlands, sells a range of electric scooters

Scooters and Mopeds Unlimited for those looking for "Zappy Style" electric scooters sells a variety to "Zappy Style" electric scooters

Segway by the Bay - sells and rents Segway scooters in Pizmo Beach, CA

Small Planet E Bikes based in Colorado sells a range of electric bikes

Solar + Cross eBikes designs electric bikes

Speedbikes - Sells a whole range of electric bicycles

Sunzeecar - Maker of Human Electric hybrid trikes

T3 Personal Transporter is a three wheel stand up scooter targeted for use by the Police 

THEKVP is a Hybrid Kinetic Photovoltaic Vehicle

Thunderstruck - Sells Prima electric bikes

Trikke Tribred is a three wheel stand up Scooter also carries "Zappy style" scooters

Wheelsity based in London, UK sells electric bikes and "Zappy Style" scooters is a wholesale supplier of electric "Zappy Style" scooters

Zero Motorcycles makes a super fast off-road electric motorcycle

If you have questions about EVs and you can't find the answer at EV Finder or in the above links then email evfinder and I will do my best to answer your questions.