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Here are some links that will help you find out more about EVs, It contains links to sites that are useful to the EV enthusiast so check back as the site grows


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EV Clubs and Associations


Alamo City Electric Auto Association - San Antonio, TX based EV club

Australian Electric Vehicle Association - Based in Australia

Australian Electric Vehicle Association Adelaide Branch - Adelaide chapter of AEVA

Austin area Chapter EVAA- Austin, TX EV Club

AVERE - The Eurpean Association for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Vehicles

Battery Electric Vehicles of Bristol - EV Owners club in Bristol, UK

Battery Vehicle Society - UK Based electric vehicle Club

Canberra EV Group - Canberra based chapter of AEVA

Central Coast Chapter of EVAA - Santa Cruz, CA area EV Club

Chico Chapter of EAA - Chico, CA area EV Club

Davis Electric Vehicle Association - Davis, CA area EV Club

Durham Electric Vehicle Association - EV club located in Whitby, Canada (Toronto area)

East Coast Electric Drag Racing Association for Electric drag racing

Eastern Electric Vehicle Club - Valley Forge, PA based Electric vehicle club

Electric Automobile Association

Electric Auto Association Europe

Electric Vehicle Association Thailand

East Bay Chapter of EVAA - San Francisco, CA area EV Club

Eastern Electric Vehicle Club - EV Club based in Valley Forge, PA

Electric Drive Transportation Association - Industrial association for the advancement of electric drive transportation

Electric Vehicle Association of Finland is a Finnish EV club

Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego - San Diego, CA based EV club

Electric Vehicle Association - Scotland - is an EV Club based in Edinburgh, Scotland

Electric Vehicle Society of Canada - Canadian EV society

Flagstaff Electric Auto Association - Flagstaff, AZ based chapter of EAA

Florida Electric Auto Association - Miami, FL based chapter of EAA

Fox Valley Electric Auto Association - Illinois based chapter of EAA

Gateway Electric Vehicle Club - St Louis, MO based EV club

Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association - San Francisco, CA based EV Club

Greater Washington DC Chapter of EVA - Washington DC electric vehicle club

Huston Electric Auto Association - Huston, TX based chapter of EAA

Irish EV Owners Association - EV club for owners of EVs in Ireland

Japan Electric Vehicle Club - Japanese EV club

Japan Electric Vehicle Club Kumamoto chapter - Japanese EV Club

Konocti Electric Auto Association - Lakeport, CA area EV Club

Lake Electric Car Association - Lake County, OR based EV Club

Light Electric Vehicle Association - an association of electric bike manufacturers and distributers

Lincoln Hills Low Speed Vehicle Group - a group for residents of Lincoln Hills, CA who drive NEVs

Mid-America Electric Auto Association - Kansan/Missouri area EV Club

Minnesota Automobile Association - Minneapolis/St Paul, MN based chapter of EAA

Nevada Electric Vehicle Association - Las Vegas, NV based EV club

New England Electric Auto Association - Killingworth, CT based chapter of EAA

National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) for electric drag racing

North Bay Chapter of EVAA - San Francisco, CA area EV Club

Oregon Electric Vehicle Association - Portland, OR area EV Club

Panhandle Electric Vehicle Association - Post Falls. ID chapter of EAA 

Piedmont Carolina Electric Vehicle Association - Charlotte, NC based chapter of EAA

Phoenix Chapter of EVAA - Phoenix, AZ based EV Club

REVA Owners Club - For REVA owners world wide

Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association - Sacramento, CA based chapter of EAA

Santa Monica NEV Club - Santa Monica, CA Based Electric Vehicle Club dedicated to NEVs

Seattle Electric Vehicle Association - EV Club in the Seattle, WA area

Suncoast Electric Vehicle Association - EV Club in Tarpon Springs, FL

Sussex EVs - EV group for people driving EVs in Sussex, UK

Sustainable Transportation Club - Santa Monica based club that supports all forms of sustainable transportation

Sydney AEVA - Sydney based chapter of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association

Tesla Owner's Club of Pennsylvania - PA based club for Tesla owners

Three Rivers EVA - Export, PA based chapter of EAA

TRIAD Electric Vehicle Association - Burlington, NC based chapter of EAA

Triangle Electric Auto Association - North Carolina based chapter of EAA

Tucson Electric Vehicle Association - Tucson, AZ based chapter of EAA

Twike Club - Swiss based club for Twike owners

Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association - Vancouver, BC based EV Club

Ventura County Electric Auto Association - Thousand Oaks, CA based chapter of EAA 

Washington Electric Vehicle Association - Greater Washington DC chapter of EVA

Yorkshire EV Club - EV Club for people in Yorkshire, England interested in EVs

If you have questions about EVs and you can't find the answer at EV Finder or in the above links then email evfinder and I will do my best to answer your questions.