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6/1/2021 - VW id.4 is now available at VW dealerships nation wide.  id.3 is also available in dealerships across Europe

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2021 LA Auto Show - Blog added 11/28/2021


EV Supply and Demand - Blog added 10/17/2021


Ten Things to Address Global Warming

1. Energy Efficiency - Blog added 4/25/2021

2. Renewable Energy - Blog added 5/2/2021

3. Electrical Storage - Blog added 5/9/2021

4. Electrify Transportation - Blog added 5/16/2020

5. Infrastructure Build out - Blog added 5/23/2021

6. Smart Grids and Micro-grids - Blog added 6/6/2021

7. Modifying Diet - Blog added 6/20/2021

8. Plugging Leaks - Blog added 7/4/2021

9. Reduce Population - Blog added 7/11/2021

10. If All Else Fails - Blog added 7/18/2021


Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid - Added to PHEV page 3/13/2021


Audi e-Tron - Added to Full Sized EV page 3/9/2021


NUI NQi GT - Added to 2-Wheeler page 2/27/2021


Arcimoto FUV - Moved to 3-wheeler page 9/26/2020


Ford Mach-E - Added to Full-sized EV page 9/19/2020


Prius Prime - Replaced Prius Plug-in on PHEV page 10/15/2019


Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid - added to PHEV Page 12/9/2013


BMW i3 - Added to Full Sized EV page 12/1/2013


Fiat 500e - Moved to Full Sized EV page 8/3/2013


Smart ED - Moved to Full sized EV page 7/7/2013


Ford Fusion Energi - Moved to PHEV page 3/6/2012











ďThe electric driving revolution isnít impossible, it isnít just likely, it is absolutely inevitableĒ

Scott Keogh , President of Audi America

LA Auto Show, November 18, 2015



   Paula Patton, star of Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol with costar BMW i8


"I would say the electrification of the automobile is a forgone conclusion."

Bob Lutz, Revenge of the Electric car


"We must advance from using less petroleum to using no petroleum"

Takanobu Ito, President and CEO of Honda Motors

LA Auto Show, November 17, 2010




  Check out Electrifying Times - The magazine for and about Electric Vehicles 

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