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Sunday April 21, 2019 2019 New York Auto Show There were plenty of electric vehicles on show at this year's New York Auto Show but that's because most manufacturers have one or more plug-in cars to sell.  There were a few new faces around, mostly concepts, but some that will be showing up  in dealerships in the next few months.


The Audi e-Tron SUV should be arriving in the US this summer but Audi has already been taking orders and will not be stocking the vehicle in dealerships, or even allowing test drives, until the order backlog is met.  It appears to house a battery pack with a usable capacity of around 83 KWh and this will give it an EPA estimated 204 miles on a charge.  The car will allow 150KW DC fast charging which will provide about 54 miles of range on a 10 minute charge.  The SUV has a sprightly 5.5 second 0-60 time and is capable of towing 4,000 lbs. 


Mullen Technologies, who bought out Coda's assets when they went out of business, have done a deal with Chinese carmaker Quiantu to bring their K50 Roadster to the US in the first half of 2020.  The K50 is a Carbon-Fiber bodied roadster that can speed from 0-60 in 4.5.seconds.  Range will only be around 186 miles which is reminiscent or the original Tesla Roadster.  Mullen say the car will be priced between $125,000 and $150,000.  They plan to sell 1,000 in the first year going to 2,500 a year after that.  This might work while there is no other electric roadster in that price range but the 186 mile range is starting to look low for an all electric car.


There is nothing like an electric motor for providing rapid acceleration which is why hypercar manufacturers are incorporation electric motors into their designs.  The latest offering comes from Pininfarina with the all electric Battista.  The car offers an astounding 1900 hp which will rocket it from 0-60 in under 2 seconds with speed topping out at 180 mph. Pininfarina say the car can reach its top speed in less time than it would take an F-16 fighter jet.  Power comes from a 120 KWh battery pack that should give the car a range of 300 miles on a charge.  They plan to build just 150 of these cars with 50 of them heading to the USA some time in 2020.  About half of these cars are already reserved.  The Battista will set you back about $2.5 million.


Also due to hit US showrooms in 2020 is the Mercedes-Benz EQC 400, an all electric SUV which will go head to head with the Jaguar I-Pace and the Audi e-Tron SUV.  The EQC 400 is driven by an 80 KWh battery pack that is expected to provide about 220 miles of range on the EPA test cycle.  0-60 mph time should be around 4.9 seconds.  The car will support 110-KW Fast DC charging with an 80% charge taking approximately 40 minutes. 


VW have been showing concept electric vehicles in the ID family which are based on classic VW designs such  as the VW microbus.  At this year's New York Auto Show they had the North American premier of the ID Buggy.  This is based on the classic VW Beach Buggy which was built on the old VW Beetle platform.  They have retained much of the look and style of the old Beach Buggy.  Unfortunately, unlike most of their other ID concepts they didn't announce any plans to create a production version of this car.  Too bad, it would be great for the beach lifestyle here in Southern California.


Korean luxury car marque Genesis also had an electric concept on display, a tiny two-seat city car called the Mint concept.  The most striking feature of this car is the use of two scissor doors at the rear instead of a conventional hatch.  Details of the cars electric power train were not divulged but they did say that driving range would be about 200 miles on a charge and is compatible with 350KW DC Fast Charging. 


Korean carmaker Kia also had an interesting concept, the Habaniro.  This is a small crossover vehicle that probably give design cues to what the next Niro will be like.  The concept presented at the New York Autoshow was all electric and while details of the powertrain were scanty Kia did say the the car was driven by two electric motors providing full time all-wheel drive.  Range was given at 300 miles.  The car also included many high tech features like heads-up display and full level 5 vehicle autonomy.


Rimac is another company that showed a hypercar concept, called the Concept_Two, at the New York Auto Show.  This car uses four electric motors to put out 1,914 bhp which can launch the car from 0-60 in just 1.85 seconds and has top speed of 258 mph.  the 120 KWh battery pack is said to give the car a range of 403 miles.  Rimac announce that they would be limiting production of this car to 100 units. No pricing was available to they did say it would cost more than the $1 million that they sell the Concept_one for.


Another step forward for electric cars was achieved by the Jaguar i-Pace which was named World Car of the Year.  It's clear that the electric car is starting to take off and manufacturers are starting to move from plug-in hybrids to full electric cars now that battery technology has gotten to the point where cars can have ranges of 200 miles or above.  Like many new innovations things begin to change at the high end of the market then trickle down as technology improvements and volume production bring prices down.


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