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San Jose, CA - 5/8/2015 - Tesla on track to start delivery of Model X in 3rd quater, will show model 3 prototype around March 2016...Detroit, MI - 1/12/2014 - GM announced 2016 Volt with 50 mile EV range...Pebble Beach, CA - 8/17/2014 - BMW delivers i8 to first US Customers

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"We must advance from using less petroleum to using no petroleum"

Takanobu Ito, President and CEO of Honda Motors

LA Auto Show, November 17, 2010



   Paula Patton, star of Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol with costart BMW i8


"I would say the electrification of the automobile is a forgone conclusion."

Bob Lutz, Revenge of the Electric car


 See Chris Paine's ad for National Drive Electric Week


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