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Electric Vehicles on eBay

Warning: There are scam artists currently Scamming eBay bidders. 

Read the latest Scam Warnings for information on internet scams.

For more information about the evfinder eBay listings check the Notes at the bottom of the page

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Note: Due to  ongoing issues with eBay search and the volume of cars now being listed there, I have decided to stop updating these eBay listings.  Active auctions will remain listed until  they end but no new auction will be added.


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Gold Coast Auto Gallery in Chicago, IL has the following cars listed

Gray 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder - Item 253889545240

Ends: Open ended classified ad


G and M Motorcompany in Horsham, UK has the following Vehicles listed

Green and Cream 1968 Harbuilt 850 Milkfloat - Item 123141101618

Ends: Open ended classified ad


----   The following listings are Sold  ----


1960 Henny Kilowatt - Green - Sold

Item 143454417076

Location Murray, KY

Ends: Dec 7, 2019

Note: Needs batteries


1960 Henny Kilowatt - White - Sold

Item 143454465211

Location Murray, KY

Ends: Dec 7, 2019

Note: Needs batteries


2013 Toyota Prius Plug-in - Gray - Sold

Item 323983573581

Location Danville, VA

Ends: Nov 27, 2019


2007 G-Whiz - Blue- Sold

Item 113955870404

Location Maidstone, UK

Note: Needs work and batteries

Ends: Nov 15, 2019


2014 Renault Twizy - Black - Sold

Item 113960158135

Location Halesowen, UK

Ends: Nov 11, 2019


1992 Skoda Elmo Pickup - White - Sold

Item 202807011514

Location Selkirk, UK

Ends: Nov 3, 2019

Note: Needs work


2015 Renault ZOE - Blue - Sold

Item 303328281057

Location Grange-Over-Sands, UK

Note: Leased batteries

Ends: Oct 27, 2019


2011 Nissan Leaf - Blue - Sold

Item 323954262834

Location San Diego, CA

Ends: Oct 27, 2019


2017 Toyota Prius Prime - White - Sold

Item 303329751484

Location Trinidad, CA

Ends: Oct 27, 2019


2012 Fisker Karma - Silver - Sold

Item 184001752877

Location Hudsonville, MI

Ends: Oct 26, 2019


2007 Reva G-Wiz - Black AC Version - Sold

Item 283648907893

Location Penrith, UK

Ends: Oct 25, 2019


1980 Comuta-Car - Blue - Sold

Item 183999452991

Location La Crescenta, CA

Ends: Oct 21, 2019

Note: Upgraded to 72V, new motor, electronic controller, has weak batteries


2018 Cadillac ELR - Black - Sold

Item 202799874083

Location Monticello, IN

Ends: Oct 21, 2019


2013 Vauxhall Ampera - White - Sold

Item 254385410662

Location Dalmellington, UK

Ends: Oct 20, 2019


2003 Toyota RAV4-EV - Silver - Sold

Item 254386107162

Location Rockville, MA

Ends: Oct 18, 2019

Note: Needs batteries


2016 Nissan Leaf - Black - Sold

Item 163902583713

Location Oakland, CA

Ends: Oct 18, 2019


Texas Direct Auto in Stafford, TX has the following Vehicles listed

Silver 2017 Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid - Item 372814314056 - Sold

Ends Oct 25, 2019

White and Black 2016 BMW I3 REx - Item 193159629154 - Sold

Ends Oct 16, 2019


2001 Toyota RAV4-EV - White

Item 264486921373

Location Melbourne, FL

Ends: Oct 13, 2019

Note: Needs batteries


2018 Ford Fusion Energi - Black

Item 113915357549

Location Sun Valley, CA

Ends: Oct 11, 2019

Note: Needs batteries




Notes on the eBay Listings


1.  Scans are usually done starting around 5pm so listings posted after that time may not appear until the following day


2.  The listings are usually updated in the early evening around 8pm.  New entries are placed at the top of the list starting with the auctions that have the longest period to run.  Vehicles are usually arranged starting with full sized EVs, City EVs, 3 wheel EVs, NEVS, and finally 2 wheel EVs.  Listings are not checked on a daily basis so may stay on the listing for some time after they have terminated


3.  I try to list only street legal vehicles but sometimes an off-road vehicle slips through the cracks.  If you don't recognize the vehicle it pays to check with the seller to make sure it is street legal before bidding.


4.  With electric scooters I chose the cutoff at 1500W but there are a few scooters with lower power ratings that have shown they can meet day to day commuting requirements and have slipped through into these listings 


5.  Dates, even for European listings, are set to the format mmm dd, yyyy normally used in the USA


6.  I try to give a rundown of the condition of the vehicle but sometimes it is my guess so always check out the listings and ask questions before bidding.  A guide to the terms I use is listed below

a.  Needs batteries means that the battery pack needs to be replaced to make the vehicle functional

b.  Weak batteries means that the car runs but does not exhibit full range.  The existing range may be enough for some people.

c.  Needs work means that there is some kind of electrical or mechanical issue that must be fixed to make the car functional.  When I have specifics I will sometimes add them, such as "needs controller".  I don't list issues with bodywork or interior unless it is in such bad repair that it makes the vehicle undrivable

7.  Scam Warnings are placed on cars when something about the listing doesn't look right, such as the picture used belonging to another car.  Usually I recommend inspection before bidding in these circumstances. 


8.  I don't list vehicles if I can't determine it's make and model.  For example some people will list a vehicle as "Electric Scooter" with no further indication of make etc. and I always exclude these items.  After all, if the vehicle is of such poor quality that the manufacturer is embarrassed to put their name on it why should I list it.  I also see a lot of golf carts listed as street legal.  If the listing doesn't say it has seat belts I usually view the pictures and if I don't see seat belts it isn't street legal so it doesn't get listed


9.  I often see vehicles that are being sold by Chinese manufacturers.  While many of these are legitimate there are a good number that are either scams or vehicles being sold that are not street legal and will probably cause the buyer grief as the try to get them through customs.  Since I can't determine which are good and which are not I pass on all of them.  I also pass on listings that promise an EV conversion in 6-8 weeks, if they don't have a vehicle to sell then I don't list them

Now for the fine print - remember always read the fine print


The information contained in this web site is based on information I have received about the availability of vehicles both new and used.  I attempt to keep the information here as current as possible but I would appreciate being notified of any inaccuracies you may find.  The appearance of a vehicle on this site does not imply any endorsement of that vehicle, or any implication that the vehicle will be suitable for your needs.  As always you should investigate the vehicle and the seller before shelling out your hard earned money.