G-Wiz Owner Report


Living With the G-Wiz


Our G-Wiz was delivered at the beginning of April and has done some 700 miles since then. Almost all our in-town trips have switched from petrol power to electric, demonstrating that the 30 mile range on a charge is adequate for a suburban life.


We can fit two adults and two children in - even fairly large ones, and although the car is not very powerful, it keeps up with traffic most of the time. A bit like a Citroen 2CV - you have to read the road ahead, retain momentum and enjoy the narrowness that enables you to get through gaps which leave larger cars stuck.


Drawbacks? none really - we were very clear about what this car's mission was: to take over the worst (environment wise) journeys - short, in congested areas and with lots of parking - and it is ideal for this. It also happens to be cheap to run and the purchase package includes carbon-offsetting of the manufacturing and first two years of running. We are on a green tariff, so anyway there is no associated carbon emissions (in the indirect way of the obligation for renewables).


Three annoying things: the rear seatbacks are low and have no headrests - a safety issue there. I'm looking for a car upholsterer who can modify the seat back. The handbrake handle lacks a safety catch and can be knocked accidentally, and there is no transmission lock so the car can roll. Finally, radio reception is hopeless with the standard installation.


None of these are major - the handbrake is apparently undergoing a re- design. Service has been efficient and caring so far.


In short - it is a brilliant ownership proposition. That's even before you count the savings on journeys to Central London - which we do rarely. If you go into London regularly (our next door neighbor does so daily, in a G-Wiz he's had for a year) it's a financial no-brainer. Even compared to going by tube you save nearly 5.00 per working day. Compared with a conventional car, the saving is in the order of 17.00 per day, rising to 20.00 when the Congestion Charge goes up in July. Myself, I usually cycle to work.


David, London