NmG and ZENN test drives
by Mark Chapmon
I don't own an EV yet, but I was on vacation last week and on Friday, 04/13/07 I visited Meyers Motors in Tallmadge, OH. 
 I'd contacted them ahead of time and asked for a chance to see the NmG and drive one if possible.  My wife & I were greeted
warmly by Brad and he told us about the NmG, took us on a complete tour of the factory and after brief instruction on how to 
operate it, let us both drive the logo car.  It was hugely entertaining!  Acceleration was fine, the speed range is more
than I'll ever need and the fit and finish were good as well.  

I left Tallmadge and drove about an hour to Ashland, OH and stopped in unannounced at a Zenn dealer I found on the Zenn 
website.  He had a Zenn in stock, about a two blocks away at a detail shop being prepped prior to being put on the lot.  
I had the opportunity to inspect and drive that little car too.  The one I drove had the Sage Green finish and 5 spoke alloy 
wheels.  Unfortunately for me, it only had an indicated 25% charge on the batteries, so I only drove it around the block (level
terrain).  It drove just like any car should, no excuses needed in any way, until you get to the part about top speed.  With a 
25 mph top speed, it seems as if our government doesn't want you to want one of these very lovable cars.  

I'm impressed with both of them, in their own way.  My wife is becoming a believer in EV's now that she's been able to see 
one in real life, too.  Will I buy either?  Probably.